Narco Terror Review (PS3)

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Do you enjoy non-stop action? Do you enjoy blowing s*** up? If so, Narco Terror is for you! This game is all about blowing s*** up. You’re rewarded points towards the games leaderboards for blowing everything up from exploding barrels to parked cars, even to boxes full of cocaine, as you slaughter the cartel. That’s right folks, this game is not for children. There are drugs and profanity at every turn. The only thing missing in this game is more enemies! My favorite thing about the game is that you have to keep moving, providing a non-stop action feel. Don’t stand still or you’ll be dead!

narco terror combat

Ground combat is the normal mode for this game, providing a mix of melee and gunplay. Although, after the first stage using melee is not very effective as there are fewer enemies that come at you with bats, and more that come at you with machine guns. You will still encounter bad guys that charge at you on the ground but there’s not much reason to melee them other than if you’re just in the mood.

Throughout each level, enemies will drop random power-ups for you, providing special limited elemental ammo types, or health. The special ammo will work with any of your guns and the amount you currently have is easily identifiable on the HUD. There is a fire element that lights your enemies on fire and does damage over time. You also get an armor-piercing ammo, stun ammo, and a homing ammo which are far more straight forward than lighting your enemies ablaze. I just used all of my special ammo until I ran out because I didn’t care about conserving it. I’d love it if they had made the special ammo types more available though, they add a lot of fun to the mayhem but don’t drop as often as I’d like. The important thing to know is that you can kill enemies just fine without using special ammo, it’s really just there for some extra flair and fun.

You will also gain access to a special weapon once a level. There’s a flame-thrower, a rocket launcher, and a laser beam of super-wholly-crap-awesomeness. Of the 3 special weapons available, the laser beam was my absolute favorite! That thing doesn’t seem to have any kind of range limitation. If you can see it on your screen, you can point your laser and blow that s*** up. It destroys enemies extremely quickly and is awesome to see in action.

narco terror flight

If that’s not enough for you, there are some points in the game where you take control of a turret offering up an extra arcadey feel that really pushes the over-the-top action with a ton of enemies thrown at you. The game changes pace a bit as it knows you have a turret. Enemies would launch rockets and throw grenades at me while I tore up the screen with bullets flying everywhere. It’s super action packed! I didn’t feel like there was too much or too little of the turret scenes.

During the game you’ll also get to hop into a plane and blow away jets and helicopters, while launching missiles into boats or enemy huts (I hope they’re enemy huts anyways) down below. The flying levels are really cool, they just need more enemy opposition to make them more challenging. I’d love to see a patch from Deep Silver that adds more enemies to the plane levels, they could seriously use them. Fortunately when you gain access to a boat, those levels have plenty of enemies. My first time jumping into a boat I was worried that it would be as boring as flying a plane. My worries were quickly eased as enemies swarmed upon me. One thing I didn’t like too much was the gun firing mechanic for both the plane and the boat. When you fire, you shoot out 3 bullets at a time, with around a second of delay between the next time you fire. I suppose it’s meant to make it feel more tactical, but I have no idea why they would need that in this game. You do get power-ups throughout the level that increase the amount of bullets you fire and their fire rate though which helps,  but firing a few bullets at a time still feels a little awkward and takes away from the seamless action. Overall, the plane and boat levels look and feel great, the downside is there aren’t more of them.

narco terror shotgunFor a top down game the graphics are not the not the best I’ve seen, I’m still more impressed by Renegade Ops‘ graphics, but Narco Terror’s are pretty good. While most of the game is viewed from the top down angle, there are some really cool 3D effects offering you different views while traveling up stairs or walking down a tunnel. The 3D transitions don’t happen too often, but they add a really nice flair when they do. The music and sound effects aren’t special and they don’t stand out, but they did keep me in the killing mood.

Did I forget to mention there’s co-op? It doesn’t just have co-op, it has drop-in/drop-out online co-op! I didn’t encounter much of it, but when I did it was fun of course. Surprisingly there are some pretty bad players out there. This is a game where you need to keep moving and one player kept joining my game and we would keep dying because he would not move! I did enjoy around an hour of game time with a decent player though, and it was totally cool. I mostly enjoyed the game solo because not a lot of players joined my games.

So, if you’re worried about getting your moneys worth, I don’t think that would be an issue. The game is only $10, or $15 if you wanna buy the duel-pack and invite a friend along. It’s a ton of fun with plenty of replayability via leaderboards and weapons earned through your first playthrough. What’s the story like? Heck, I forgot there was one. I believe it involved blowing s*** up.

Score: 6.5/10

Narco Terror is available on PSN, XBLA, and PC. This review copy was provided by Deep Silver. Thanks guys!

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