Partner Up For The Fun And The Ugly Of R.I.P.D [REVIEW]

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You’ll definitely want to grab a friend for R.I.P.D. because it’s really hard to enter a game online. Fortunately, the game is extremely affordable with a standard price of $10. My main problem is that I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I don’t get to experience any of the authentic feeling of the game. The opening cut scene that introduces the story is pretty cool. The game only launches the trailer the first time you ever boot it up, so if you want to view it again, it’s available from the Menu screen.


Waves of Enemies and Random Challenges

In every match you will fend off five separate waves of enemies, though I didn’t notice much of a difficulty increase per wave. Obviously there are more enemies, but overall they all felt like the first wave to me. I did like the mini-bosses though. There are also randomly spawned special enemies that are like mini-mini-bosses I guess. They have random abilities like lighting you on fire when they shoot you. They also have random colored auras which is neat, which while having no actual effect, offers up a little variety. The random challenges are another cool little bonus. For some reason I kept getting the same ones over and over though. They consist of something like killing nine enemies with headshots in under a minute or something of that sort. I’m usually more focused on the actual killing to bother looking at what the challenge is. While I definitely love the concept of the random challenges, their actual execution could have been much better.


Yep’s he’s ugly

Five waves of enemies seem short to me, the first time I completed a match I remember thinking to myself, that’s it? It was so anti-climatic. All you do is keep fighting off enemies until you… just stop. The end of the round screen came up and it didn’t feel any different than the end of the first wave. Of course you fight a boss at the end, but there’s nothing notably different between him and the other mini-bosses, he’s just bigger.

One interesting challenge that I like is arresting your enemy. For this challenge, a special enemy will appear and your goal is to bloody him up enough to be unconscious pretty much. Yeah, bullets will knock him out. We know that doesn’t make any sense but hey its what we got. Once you drain enough of the their health, he will fall over. Then you can either finish him off and get zero bonus points, or you stand close enough to him while fighting off enemies until a progress bar fills up and you arrest him, earning bonus points.

It’s Fun But…

There are three choices of difficulty that you can play, Mild, Spicy, and Hot. I’ve only played the game on Mild difficulty and it’s definitely way too easy on that mode. I’ve tried queuing up for the Spicy and Hot difficulties, but the lack of players makes it impossible. I’ve literally spent anywhere from fifteen to sixty minutes waiting for a game to que up just on the Mild mode, with the average being around thirty. I didn’t get to enter a game at all for the Hot difficulty after a couple of hours of trying.

On Mild difficulty, the AI is pretty dumb. Usually the enemies would run or walk to a spot, stop there, and shoot at me while I would just walk up to them and smack them in the face. There was some variety though. In some instances, enemies would zigzag all over the place to get away from me, but most times they’d just stand there. As stupid as the AI is, enemies can still kill you pretty quick. That brings up another problem. As far as I’ve been able to tell, you’re invincible while you dodge attacks. If you get too low on health, you can spam the dodge button until your health comes back. You can still take damage while dodging, but you’re pretty much guaranteed survival if you spam dodge around until your health is back up. You’re also invincible when an enemy knocks you down. On top of that, if you or your partner drop in combat, you’re invincible as you resurrect.

Awesome Weapons & Abilities!

As far as weapons, most of the them are pretty generic. To start off, you have a pistol, revolver, submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, pump-action shotgun, and a grenade launcher as the familiar weapons you get to choose from. The more unique weapons are the harpoon gun, hunting rifle, a banana, and a hairdryer. Those last two are my goal! The banana and hairdryer cost a crap-ton of points. You start the game with the option to equip either the pistol, submachine gun, or a shotgun. You can hold two guns at a time. Each gun can be upgraded three times through the points system, increasing damage, accuracy, magazine size, and reload speed. Something I think is super cool is getting to pick up the mini-bosses weapons. It’s always a chain gun, but always badass. The compromise is that you can’t dodge with it. Also, spray and pray is not effective, so it might as well just be another machine gun. But it’s cool looking and loaded with ammo, enough to last for two waves.


Abilities are my favorite thing about the game and there are two different types available. The first is a Kill Streak bonus with five stages. The first stage gives you the ability to regen health. Second is the ability to freeze nearby enemies by wrapping them up in shiny, golden ghost chains. Third is a gatling gun turret (my favorite). The fourth one separates your spirit from your body to wreak havoc while invisible, while your physical body also keeps firing at enemies under AI control. The final kill streak ability allows you to summon forth shadowy ghost spikes from the underworld that impale all enemies on the screen. It does not kill the tougher enemies, but it does stun them for a couple of seconds.

The other type of abilities you have access to are consumables. These cost points and are usable for a single five wave match. I’m gonna give you a bullet point list because there are so many to pick from!

  • Adrenaline: build your killstreak multiplier faster than normal.
  • Bandages: every enemy kill speeds up health regeneration until fully healed.
  • Bulletproof Vest: reduces damage taken obviously.
  • Night Stick: extra melee damage.
  • Handcuffs: increases the speed of your arrest of mini bosses.
  • Hayes Rounds: heal your teammate with your bullets.
  • Broilers: light your enemies on fire (blue colored).
  • Impound: gain ammo from kills.
  • Tea Shades: see through walls and easily identify where your enemies are.
  • Timekeeper: increases the amount of times you can be knocked out.
  • Reanimation: gain extra knockouts for completing a challenge.
  • Spicy Slugs: chance for enemies to explode after they die.

As you can see, there’s a lot. A couple of them are useless in my opinion, like the Timekeeper and Reanimation ones. They might be more useful on the Spicy difficulty, but I’d probably still prefer using something else.

Betting System

This was a huge disappointment. It sounded really cool and I looked forward to it. It was said that you could make in-game bets with your friends online consisting of Abilities Used, Enemies Killed, Headshot Count, Critical State, and Duel. I was expecting to be able to make all of these bets, but instead, each player alternates between choosing a bet to remove from the list at the match start-up screen, until you reach the final one that remains active during the match. It’s neat once you realize how the system works, but it sucks that you can only do one “bet” per match.



There are several maps, Charlestown Bank, Bullpen, Public Library, Meth Lab, The Vault, Terrace Bar, and Beacon Station. My favorites are the Beacon Station and Terrace Bar. The Terrace Bar is beautiful. The lanterns that light up the night make the atmosphere really nice. Most of the maps are pretty small in size but they do offer two stories to play around with. There’s a couple of very large maps that are pretty cool as well. The larger maps are tougher, offering more enemies due to their size.

Custom Matches

After many hours of queuing away to be able to give a deeper opinion on the game, I discovered that Custom Match is actually how you play solo. I dunno if that would confuse you, but it sure confused me. I assumed it was a way to customize your online matches so I didn’t play it right away. I wanted to test the game out first before I started creating my own games. While that did end up wasting a ton of my time trying to prepare my review, I’m glad I waited for online games. I’ll probably play some more Mild solo just to earn some points faster in order to get my banana and hairdryer weapons, but you’ll definitely want to play with a friend.


Final Thoughts: Getting It All Out

The animations of your enemies are either really clunky or non-existent. The music is cool but there’s only ONE song, and it’s dulled out during the match so yeah that’s ruined. The sound effects are nothing special and the overall music and sound effects are bland. There’s no story, so the game could have any title at all and be the same thing. The likeness of Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges is pretty good which is cool, it just doesn’t matter. I have no doubt that if I’d seen the movie I’d enjoy the game just a little bit more due to recognizing the maps and weapon references. The controls are solid, but the clunky/lack of animation makes it feel weird. The graphics aren’t great, but they’re not the worst I’ve ever seen either.

If you’re sick and tired of playing Killing FloorLeft 4 Dead and Payday, or if you just want to try something different and think this game looks interesting, definitely give it a try, but make sure you grab a friend to play with.

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