The Original Saints Row IV Becomes DLC For Saints Row IV. What?

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Enter The Dominatrix was going to be DLC for Saints Row The Third, but since it was turning out to be more of a game all by itself, they decided to hold off on it and rename it Saints Row IV. Plans changed again as Saints Row IV developed more and more into something completely new and different. I think that’s super cool, but I’m pretty ticked off that the game that was going to be known as SR4 is now DLC for SR4?

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I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make much sense to me. Paid DLC is something most gamers already hate, especially me. My story’s a little different though. I want to own every single game ever made, and I can’t afford to. DLC just makes enjoying a game that much harder when I can’t afford it all. I hate costume skin DLC, weapon DLC, any stupid DLC that doesn’t offer real content for the story or game itself. Not just because it’s DLC, but because it’s stuff I would like to have but refuse to pay the ridiculous amount of money they ask for a freaking costume skin! Of course I would enjoy it if it was free. And how dare you charge money for a costume skin in the first place? Didn’t I pay for that when I bought the game? New maps are cool, as long as I don’t have to pay $15 for a single map, that was ridiculous “back in the day”.

And now, Enter The Dominatrix, a game that was already finished enough to announce they would make it its own game, is a DLC again? Are you f***ing kidding me? I’m happy that it’s a DLC that will offer full content, but it’s the same nonsense of announcing DLC months before a game’s release. Why do you know what your DLC is, have it ready, but want to milk money out of me? I’m not a money tree. The point of DLC is to offer new life to your game that didn’t already exist. If you were smart about DLC, you wouldn’t announce it months ahead of time. I don’t know what else to say. Include it with the game you jackasses! It’s things like this that remind me why people resort to piracy (however ZoKnowsGaming does not condone piracy in any way).

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