Ravensdale Kickstarter Game Gets Mass Effect Voice Actor Onboard! [VIDEO]

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ravensdale_2_artBlack Forest Games is a team of independent developers that brought us the beautiful 2-D side-scrolling platformer, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. They recently began a new project that you can back on Kickstarter, called Ravensdale. It looks incredible, and I’ve backed it. It’s another 2-D side-scrolling game, but this one is inspired by games like Contra and Metal Slug.

Black Forest Games has revealed that voice actor Mike Meer has joined the project and will be doing the voice acting for Ravensdale! He is best known for his work as Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect games. In the same games, he did the voices for all of the Vorcha, all of the Hanar, several Volus, and a lot of others. He also did voice acting for Dragon Age 1 and 2 and the DLC. Throw in some Baldurs Gate and this guys voice is everywhere! Mike loves supporting indie projects. Before joining the Black Forest team, he recently helped some students with their fan film of Mass Effect called Red Sand that was part of a class project. How freakin’ cool is that?

Mike really likes the steam-punk feel of Ravensdale. One of the characters he will be voicing is currently known only as “The Captain”. He thinks the voice will reflect a character that’s “tough as nails” but “we’ll see”. Funnily to me, he notes that he would love to do some screams of pain, or war cries. You can check out his interview about joining the Ravensdale project.

Ravensdale is a run & gun platformer offering co-op gameplay for up to 4 players either online or local! Black Forest is working towards a huge focus on actual co-op play that rewards co-operative teamwork with buffs and bonuses. Black Forest also promises that the single-player won’t just be a “stripped-down co-op mode”. That is wonderful news to me! I love playing online, but I also want to be able to play solo. They also promise a smooth balance between single-player and co-op, stating that co-op will expand the single-player experience, and not be something completely different.

The plan for a big role in the co-op gameplay is what’s called the “Arc Connector”. It’s still in prototype form of development, so we don’t know how much of this will make the final cut. The Arc Connector is a part of each players suit, playing the same type of role for single-player, but sharing a deeper connection between co-operative players. With it, you will be able to:

  • Use it like a giant rubber band, smashing and grabbing all enemies and objects in your path.
  • Dangle and swing over precipices, or change the direction of your jumps and dashes.
  • Block and capture enemy bullets with the arc and convert them to energy resulting in a lightning arc that damages and stuns all enemies it hits.
  • Use your share of the accumulated energy to fuel an overdrive that greatly boosts your weapon, causing a feedback that shares your weapon’s main characteristic with your teammates.

“Wholly freakin’ crap that’s incredible!” I know, right?

This team really impressed me with GS:TD. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, the gameplay is familiar but also inventive, and the controls are solid, most notable to me were the keyboard controls. Due to my experience with, and love for GS:TD, I expect big things from Ravensdale. And just from the quick peaks we have already, I know it’s going to be good.

Ravensdale will head to PC first, much like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams did. GS:TD then made its way onto PSN and XBLA and has been available for a couple of months or so now for just $15. Definitely give it a look. Currently the Ravensdale Kickstarter only has a little over 100 out of 1000 “Advanced Scout Packs” as their $15 tier. It offers the same thing as the $18 tier, but you get a few bucks off if you beat others in backing the project. Hurry! Of course, if you are more well off than I am, there are many tiers with lots of goodies. Head on over and give them your awesome support!

You can also keep up to date with Black Forest Games on Facebook.

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