Activision Pulls James Bond Line Up From Steam

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Gamers looking to pick up one of the many James Bond titles available online will be met with nothing but tumbleweeds as Activision has removed all the titles from the online store and the Activision web-store. The titles removed include Quantum of Solace, Blood Stone and recently released 007 Legends.

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Explain yourself Treyarch!

No reason has been given to why the games have been pulled, with many speculating Activision and the James Bond rights holders have ceased their relationship. Whatever did cause the games to get pulled must have been serious, with both in business since 2006, with the contract meant to run until 2014.

Activision has not released a statement letting the public know the reason behind their removal, but we can expect an explanation soon enough. This comes in the light of developer Eurcom laying off some of its workforce and entering administration at the end of the year, with the developer creating three James Bond games that were met with mixed reviews.

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