Second FIFA 13 Patch Due Soon

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FIFA 2013 has been a massive success, at least in the countries which call the sport Football instead of Soccer. EA’s regular money-making monolith has jumped straight to the top of sales charts in Europe, despite there being a number of concerns with some potentially buggy gameplay.

One patch has already been released for the game, but now a second is on its way shortly, it has already been released for the PC. It is currently in the testing phase for PS3 and Xbox and is expected very soon – here is what you can expect to be updated.

• Online Connectivity in the Arena when loading an Online Seasons match.

• The rare occurrence of the ball becoming invisible during gameplay.

• Audio commentary of player names when set to Czech, Hungarian, Italian, or Polish.

• Connectivity after selecting a position on Online Team Play and Clubs.

• Pass responsiveness in the Passing ‘Skill Challenge’ Skill Game. The leaderboard for this specific Skill Game has been reset due to a scoring glitch.

• Rare cases of physics elasticity when two players collide.

• In: Ligo Do Brasil, Vasco Da Gama and Palmeiras get authentic kits and team names.

• Authentic kits for Botafago in Ligo Do Brasil.

• Visibility of the radar, indicators, and scoreboards in offline matches after playing in OTP.

• Stability of FIFA Ultimate Team during single player tournaments.

• Softlock when playing a friend in FUT.

• Crashing in Pro Clubs kit selection screen.

• Replays saved to web will not overwrite previously save replays.

Career Mode Items

• Stability when editing a Virtual Pro if the squad is full.

• Stability when loaning team rejects the loan buy of a transferred player at end of a season.

• Player contracts increased by 1 did not take effect in player’s profile.

• Penalty Kick Takers can be selected prior to a penalty shootout when playing as Manager.

• Continuation of player stories after the player is transferred/sold.

• General stability during gameplay.

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