Preparations Being Made For A T-Mobile iPhone 5, nano-SIM Cards Are On The Way

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So another year, another iPhone release, and still T-Mobile does not officially carry the device on their network. This past Wednesday when Apple announced the iPhone 5, there were few if any who thought T-Mobile would be announced as a new carrier officially supporting the device.  Additionally, T-Mobile has already reenergized their efforts in attracting owners of unlocked iPhones. So nothing new has really developed in regards to T-Mobile carrying the iPhone.

All of that stated, T-Mobile still does not have the capability to support the iPhone 5 as it stands today even if they wanted to. Why? Well Apple has decided to replace the micro-SIM cards found in the iPhone 4S with nano-SIM cards in the iPhone 5, which will be the only device to support the new card at launch. But fear not T-Mobile faithful – your nano-SIM cards are on the way.

In what appears to be a leaked internal document of T-Mobile, it’s clearly seen that nano-SIM cards will arrive on the scene in October. More specifically through Twitter and their support forums, T-Mobile expects to have the nano-SIM cards by mid-October.

So if you’re willing to pay the price for an unlocked iPhone 5, just know that there won’t be a problem using it on T-Mobile. At $649 (16GB), $749 (32GB), and $849 (64GB) respectively, you should have the choice of using the device where you would like to. We’re just hoping that Apple and T-Mobile figure something out to satisfy those customers who won’t/can’t pay out that kind of money.

What are your thoughts? Will there be an official T-Mobile iPhone 5? And more importantly, will this be enough to keep you from leaving?

Via [TmoNews]

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