It’s Official, There Is No T-Mobile iPhone 5 Being Announced Tomorrow

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If you were still holding onto some type of hope that centered around an official launch of a T-Mobile iPhone 5, don’t plan on that hope becoming a reality tomorrow at Apple’s press event. Why? By all accounts, T-Mobile has been locked out yet again from officially having an iPhone, which leaves many wondering, “Will they ever have an official iPhone?”

While we expect the carrier to eventually launch an iPhone along with the other major carriers, the reason we aren’t expecting any surprises tomorrow is because of the lack of leaks and rumors for the carrier. If you can remember, when Verizon Wireless and Sprint were about to receive the iPhone officially, we or any other site couldn’t report all the leaks that were surfacing. Add that to the fact that T-Mobile is taking on a major initiative to lure in unlocked iPhones to their network, it becomes pretty official that they will not be launching the iPhone 5 tomorrow. Maybe in a month or next year, just not tomorrow.

T-Mobile stated yesterday that “Today, we don’t sell the iPhone, but we do have something worth selling to people who have one. Our message to iPhone customers is simple: bring your unlocked iPhone to T-Mobile and save.” We can assure you that that will be the message tomorrow as well.

So are you disappointed by this? Are you planning on leaving T-Mobile? Hit up the comment section and let us know!

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