Star Wars 1313 Developer Clarifies Why Protagonist Is Not A Jedi

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Star Wars 1313 caught everybody’s attention back at E3 with it aiming to raise the bar for Star Wars video-games. One notable aspect of 1313 was the fact that the main protagonist isn’t a Jedi and the creative director of the game, Dominic Robillard has revealed why that is the case. Speaking in an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, he said: “The demi god complex that you’ve maybe seen or expect, frankly, from a Jedi game is definitely one vision of what playing in the Star wars universe could be like.”

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I think that the game will be better without a Jedi as the main playable character

Continuing on, Robillard said they wanted to avoid this sort of character and would prefer to have someone more relatable at the forefront of their game. “(Our ideal protagonist is)…someone who was more grounded, and that meant ultimately having a character who was bound by the range of human ability, but that still gets to do amazing things through his gear, his gadgets and how he gets to use the level design.”

That is very sound reasoning as to why Star Wars 1313 has the protagonist it does and I am one who is certainly looking forward to playing this game upon its release sometime in 2013. Do you like the lack of Jedi main character or are you completely against it? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


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