Dead Space 3 Broader Appeal Essential Says EA

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When we hear a game will change to reach a broader audience, we don’t usually jump for joy, the words usually mean creative death for a game. Electronic Arts told CVG in an interview recently, that they want to make Dead Space 3 the biggest Dead Space yet, even if it means leaning more to action-adventure then horror-survival.


No! Not the broader audience monster!

EA’s Frank Gibeau was on hand to explain that they want to keep fans who were always loyal to the series, saying , “What we’ve tried to do with each installment is tell a different story about Isaac but at the same time bring in new features and ways to turn the game into a more connected experience.” Dead Space 3 will see the introduction of in and out co-op and a new cover system, which Gibeau thinks will open it up to a larger audience, he states:

So we embraced [the co-op] idea and we tried to open up the accessibility of the IP a little bit by adding a little bit more action, but not undermining the horror. We can not be a horror game because that’s what Dead Space is.

We’re very self-aware of that – we listen to the fans and we hear them. We’re going to be releasing more assets over the coming months that show you how deep the horror is. It’s definitely not getting away from gore or horror, but at the same time it’s opening up to a larger audience by adding some elements.

With Electronic Arts trying to reach that all important larger audience, Dead Space 3 will be somewhat of a turning point for the series and could prove influential to where the series will go after, Gibeau explained:

In general we’re thinking about how we make this a more broadly appealing franchise, because ultimately you need to get to audience sizes of around five million to really continue to invest in an IP like Dead Space. Anything less than that and it becomes quite difficult financially given how expensive it is to make games and market them.

Dead Space 3 will take place on the frozen planet Tau Volantis and will feature co-op character Sgt. John Carver, with EA citing the movie Prometheus as a major inspiration for the game. Make sure to also check out 20 minutes of gameplay footage EA released recently. Dead Space 3 will be hitting stores February 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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