Square Enix Releases AGNI’S PHILOSOPHY, A Real Time Tech Demo [VIDEO]

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Square Enix has announced AGNI’S PHILOSOPHY, a real-time technical demonstration movie that utilizes cutting edge game development technology. AGNI’S PHILOSOPHY (herein referred to as the demo video) was produced with LUMINOUS STUDIO, Square Enix’s game production environment (engine) for creating next generation quality games. The LUMINOUS STUDIO engine is currently in development internally at Square Enix. Another awesome tech demo and this one rivals the one that Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream showed us a few months back with the KARA demo. That demo got folks minds running at the time at it seems to be the basis for their brand new game BEYOND: Two Souls. I guess Square decided that they couldn’t let Quantic have all the fun. The key thing here is that this is NOT a real game, it’s just a demonstration of what they hope to be able to achieve using the engine on next generation consoles like the as yet unannounced PS4 and Xbox 720.

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Thanks to the LUMINOUS STUDIO engine, the demo video can depict high quality “real time computer graphics” at the same level as “pre-rendered computer graphics” . The fine details of the characters, who express life-like humanity, are showcased through their rich facial expressions, subtleties of their pupils and hair, and their brilliantly flowing garments. The characters, along with the vibrant monsters, transport the viewer into the world created by the LUMINOUS STUDIO engine.

Furthermore, the demo video production was created through the lens of the FINAL FANTASY series, where ancient magic and advanced science coexist in a near-futuristic world. The video depicts a life-changing encounter for our heroine, the magic-wielding protagonist Agni.

The LUMINOUS STUDIO game engine aims to bring about greater productivity within game production teams, while simultaneously offering an environment to create games of fantastic quality. Furthermore, the LUMINOUS STUDIO game engine is planned to support game consoles, PC, smartphones, and the web, encapsulating the many platforms of the next generation of quality.

AGNI’S PHILOSOPHY showcases the level of quality that Square Enix is aiming for in next generation games.

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