GameStop Drastically Expands Their PC Game Selection

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GameStop now offers over 4,000 downloadable PC titles at its storefronts making it one of the largest retailers of PC titles. That means trade ins, gift cards and the ability to earn points for your purchases has finally opened up for the core PC gaming audience. Previously, the gaming giant didn’t offer much in the lines of PC gaming. You can get some killer deals right now as GameStop celebrates with a 75% off sale. Titles like Batman:Arkham City, Dragon Age 2 and Assassin’s Creed Revelations are on sale and can be found here.


While this is all fine and dandy, what sways a player to use GameStop to download games rather than just buy on Steam or Origins?  Well, the points you can earn for your purchases can be redeemed for some coupons or swag. The occasional sale might get some gamers but I think GameStop has a long way to go to nab up PC gamers.

What are your thoughts? Does this make you more likely to buy your PC games from Gamestop?

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Heather Baird
As an aspiring game designer I enjoy every facet of the game industry