Microsoft To Unveil Xbox Lite? [RUMOR]

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As we wait patiently for E3, more rumors begin to sprout about. The latest for Microsoft is a little wonky in my opinion. The rumor flying about brings much debate about a so-called Xbox Lite. Rumor has it using ARM technology – so one thinks of a gaming tablet or an arcade machine that doesn’t accept discs. Just download and play. Furthermore, it seems its’ price range is around that of the Apple TV.

While such things are plausible, it doesn’t seem like a recipe to success for me. If you are familiar with OnLive then you are going to be familar with the concept that the rumors say that Microsoft is going for with this new model. OnLive is gaming on demand, basically cloud gaming. So perhaps Microsoft will have something similar,  with Xbox live arcade titles and apparently some Kinect support, and probably a machine to download the titles on to.  But this once again is just a rumor.

I rather like the idea of a gaming tablet, probably just because I’m looking at one for myself. But, I think that would be start bringing tablets into the gaming realm. Nintendo’s Wii U has a tablet accessory that excited many developers for future content so perhaps we will see Microsoft’s answer to that.

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