Star Wars: The Old Republic Accused Of Having Too Many Servers

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has too many servers and not enough players according to disgruntled members of the games official forum. Various threads on the forum indicate that some gamers are having trouble finding people to play against, a problem which becomes increasingly serious the higher their level. Apparently whilst only having 1/10th of the subscribers of World of Warcraft, The Old Republic has half as many servers, meaning that a lot of them seem remarkably devoid of player-controlled life.

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Is over-estimation of the game’s popularity by EA at fault here? Certainly the game sold in big numbers and seemed to have a great deal of regular subscribers at launch and in the month or so that followed, but keeping up a regular commitment to an MMO is another matter altogether, with many gamers seeming to prefer putting the cost of their subscription towards a new game instead.

Personally speaking, MMO’s have never appealed to me and I would have much preferred Bioware to put the games narrative and mission work to use in a true single player follow-up to Knights of the Old Republic, and then released it on consoles as well as PC. Anyone else with me on that?

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