Elder Scrolls MMO Could Be Revealed By May 2012

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Ever dream of crossing paths with an Argonian and telling him how you really feel before pummeling him into to the ground via PVP? (no hate on argonians, they just come first alphabetically) How about teaming up with a group of  Cyrodiil’s finest and raiding a dungeon? Well, that may just become a reality. An industry report has surfaced that the mammoth Elder Scrolls series could step foot into the MMO realm. Apparently Bethesda has been scouting talent with MMO experience. Could that be they are looking to branch out in that genre? Or simply looking for experienced writers that have written for that difficult genre?


Make of it what you will, the rumor tells us of 3 possible factions, represented by a Dragon, Bird of Prey, and a Lion (interesting… lions aren’t really used in Elder Scroll lore). Also it has been reported to have a setting that is 1000 years before Skyrim. Skyrim takes place 200 years after Oblivion, I can’t fathom the world 800 years before Oblivion.

This tip that originated at Tom’s Report, also tells us that we could see the reveal at E3 or the specific time frame of May 2012. Rumors have been going around for some time now about the MMO step for The Elder Scrolls and/or Fall out. It seems with the search for MMO talent Bethesda has a real interest. However, not all MMO talent is requested primarily to make MMOs. I have noticed that recently story and dialog writing for MMOs has increased in demand as it is a much harder format to write for. So who knows what Bethesda is up to, we can have fun speculating until an official announcement happens as Bethesda has replied “No Comment” to the report.

What massively multi-player online features would you enjoy having in an Elder Scrolls MMO? Discuss with us in the comment section!

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