UFC Undisputed 3 Career Mode Gets Detailed [VIDEO]

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After a bit of a sabbatical, we are getting really excited about UFC Undisputed 3 and we now have the full skinny on exactly what we can expect from the new and improved Career Mode. We won’t know until we play it whether it will be as good as we think but the video at the bottom of this post is excellent and has us pumped to get our hands on it.


This year’s emphasis on Career Mode is the fights and getting players back into the action more quickly.  Less management of stats are needed with a new automated point allocation system and the removal of Stat Decay (thank you).  Also, with less time for training in between fights and more ways to train, the variety of the player’s training routine becomes imperative if he wants to be an all-around fighter.

Thoughts: This was a much-needed improvement since the previous career mode got repetitive rather quickly and you ended up being penalized far too heavily a lot of the time when you didn’t do things just right.


When starting a career, players will be asked to choose their fighter’s background, which provides different starting stats and move sets. Additionally, fighters start out with much higher stats than previous iterations, allowing them to build well-rounded and complete fighters like never before.

Thoughts: Amen to this one, that starting with such weak stats put players in a tedious position. I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you make it to the pro level in any sport, you have above average skills. That is the way it is in real life and the way sports games should portray it, are you listening NBA 2K?


They have added 14 training/sparring games to UFC Undisputed 3,  which allow players to practice isolated sections of gameplay and get better at playing the game.

Thoughts: This was definitely needed, one of the biggest complaints was that the tutorials weren’t quite sufficient and people really wanted more intuitive and fun ways to perfect their skills.


Players will travel to and train at six different real world camps, including Greg Jackson’s, American Top Team and Wolfslair MMA Academy.  They will also have the opportunity to join and represent a real world camp during their career, at which point the camp’s trainer will become the player’s trainer and corner him during his fights.


This year, players will compete in three different organizations: WFA, UFC and PRIDE Tournaments.  Players start in the WFA and must capture and defend the WFA title before moving to the UFC.  From there, they can compete in and win PRIDE tournament championships, as well as the coveted UFC Championship.

 Thoughts: This should bring some needed variety to the game and keep it from becoming monotonous so fast. I hope each organization really has a unique feel and personality, otherwise it won’t really add to the gameplay.


Players have more opportunities to switch weight classes this year.  They will compete in single one-off fights in a new division, switch after cleaning out a division, or, if they’re struggle in one division, switch divisions to try and turn things around.


UFC Undisputed 3 captures the in-game cutscenes in career mode with real-life fight footage, backstage footage and exclusive interviews with some of today’s top UFC fighters.  The videos players will encounter during their careers mirror what real world fighters go through during their careers.  For example, when a player has his first professional fight, he will hear fighters talk about what their first professional fight was like. Get a title shot, and the player will hear what was going through the minds of several fighters as they went into their title fights. With several variants of these types of videos, players will be able to unlock additional videos on multiple career play throughs.

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