Chile To Require All Cellphones Be Sold Unlocked Starting January 16th

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Starting January 16th, all cellphones sold in Chile will have to be unlocked. This will allow users to have the device on their carrier of choice and eliminate carrier’s stranglehold on consumers. Additionally, this will allow Chile to make cellphone numbers more “portable” and place the country with the likes of Singapore and Israel in banning carriers from locking devices. For those devices sold prior to January 16th, a free service from an online site will facilitate the unlock process.

As for the United States, well we know we have a few hurdles before this practice becomes the norm. You know we have that entire different radio thingy going on (GSM, CDMA), and that’s just to name the least.

So would you like to see this practice across all countries? Let us know!

Via [TheVerge]

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