Astro-Mining, Space Pirates, And Puzzle Platformers: Oh, My! (Rochard)

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Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has been dropping content like it’s hot at GamesCom this week, jumping with both feet into the digital distribution business, SOE and friends are bringing a cross section of games to PSN this fall, including this little ditty: Rochard.

Billed as an action-adventure, side-scrolling puzzle platformer, Rochard follows the story of the astro-miner John Rochard as he uses his wits (hope this guy is pretty smart anyway, he is a rocket scient..nevermind..) and everyday mining tools to fend off space pirates.  (You know this has to be good, there are pirates..from space..I haven’t seen any ninjas from space..Pirates=1 Ninjas=0)  Oh and while Rochard is busy doing that he also will have to save his team of missing miners and solve some kind of crazy mystery behind this random ancient alien artifact that he comes across.  So, if you are into some good ole’ fashioned side-scrolling goodness, be sure to take a look at Rochard and be prepared for a series of physics and environmental based challenges (remember LIMBO? Yeah, kinda like that..but with space pirates.)

Rochard will be available for download from PSN on September 27 for $9.99.

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