Infinity Ward Says Their Call Of Duty Games Won’t Do Zombies, Will Leave That To Treyarch

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At a recent press event Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling was asked about the creative differences between Infinity Ward and Treyarch.  (Zombies..) In response Bowling humbled himself and IW in so far that they admit both teams have their different “styles” but this ultimately increases the overall brand for everyone involved.  He then quickly noted that IW would never consider doing anything that Treyarch has already done.  (Zombies..)

As everyone knows, IW and Treyarch are in a sort of love-hate relationship with one another.  (Treyarch loves Infinity Ward and Infinity Ward hates Treyarch.  Of course, a lot of fans of the franchise feel the same way..except..Zombies..)  That being said, IW did step up to the cause during this event  and instead of flinging mud at Treyarch the entire time there was a bit of give and take on the benefits of having two developers working the same brand.

“What Treyarch has done – and what I actually think is fantastic where we are now – is they’ve really taken Call of Duty in a different direction. No longer are you getting the same game every year, but you’re getting a different style of the same core Call of Duty design,” Bowling stated.

“Every developer has their own personality and their own direction, and more so than ever we’re seeing people who really enjoy this style and the other. And it’s not a black and white good and bad; they’re very different experiences but in the same core game play,” Bowling continued.

So, it’s clear that Infinity Ward and Treyarch aren’t about to move in together and start bro-ing out all the time, but it is clear that they see the benefits of co-existence and simply put that is a two year development cycle per each awesome installment of the COD series.

Modern Warfare 3 goes hot on November 8, 2011.  Until that time, stay frosty.

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