PlayStation 4 Coming Xmas 2012 With Kinect-Style Gaming [RUMOR]

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A PS4 release date has been set as pre-Christmas 2012 as Sony prepares to begin production of the next-gen console this year

Sony is to begin production of the eagerly awaited PlayStation 4 console later this year ahead of 2012 release date, new reports have suggested. Having unveiled the Sony PlayStation Vita at E3 last month, Sony is expected to officially unveil the PS4 at next year’s Los Angeles based industry showcase ahead of a pre-Christmas 2012 release with Microsoft Kinect styled movement-based gaming.

Playstation 4 concept 1 439x300

PlayStation 4 Fan-made Concept

The reports which come courtesy of tech blog Digitimes suggest Taiwan-based technology manufacturers Foxconn and Peagtron Technology, both responsible for putting together the PS3, will begin work on the fourth generation PlayStation console later this year in order to meet a 20 million unit stock demand of a 2012 launch. If this is true we will definitely be getting more concrete info about this soon because you can only keep that kind of volume in components and manufacturing a secret for so long.

A 2012 launch contradicts comments made by Sony throughout the PS3’s ten-year life. The top brass at Sony have repeatedly said that they have a ten-year cycle set for the PS3. These latest PS4 release date reports come after it was suggested Microsoft was planning an E3 2012 unveiling of the mooted Xbox 720 sparking rumors that the two giants of the gaming market could go head-to-head next year. Nintendo also launches its next home console, the Wii U, in 2012.

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