Look Out Powermat, Here Comes The LG Wireless Charging Pad

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LG is jumping into the wireless charging game and has just announced the LG Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700). It utilizes inductive coils built into the battery doors and internal contacts, advanced wireless charging technology allows for a cord-free power source – alleviating the need for external connections that limit the phones usability.

LG Wireless Charging Pad provides industry leading wireless charging and ergonomics. For easy and intuitive use, LG Wireless Charging Pad features audible and tactile feedback when a phone is placed on the pad, as well as multi-colored LED lights to indicate charging status. Taking the hassle out of charging your wireless devices, LG Wireless Charging Pad also sports a compact, sleek design to easily accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.

This is great and all, but am I the only getting wireless charging pad overload, it seems everyone has one, but I have no idea how well any of them work. ? Anybody out here use one of these, how are they? I know Duracell makes one, then you have the Powermat which seems to be the leader in this space, just so many to choose from. Maybe it’s time for a comparison review my friends, stay tuned.

Key Features:

  • Visual, audible and tactile feedback – allows user to see, feel and hear when the phone is placed
    • Power LED – Blue = Plugged in
    • Battery LED – Orange = Ready to Charge
    • Battery LED – Flashing Green = Phone is Charging Correctly
    • Battery LED – Solid Green = Phone is Fully Charged
    • Slim and sleek design – allows for convenient storage, taking up minimal space
    • Effective Range – 7mm from center of placement guide
    • Dimensions – 6.29”x3.54”x0.39”


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