HTC Representative Confirms That The HTC Thunderbolt Will Launch March 17th, Confirmed In An Email Also

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Here is one thing we’re all certainly used to reading or hearing – another HTC Thunderbolt release date rumor. While this date has come up before, we now are seeing a bit more evidence that signify a March 17th launch for the HTC Thunderbolt. In a Tweet, which has since been pulled, Imran Shahid stated,

Are you ready to call down the HTC Thunderbolt? The first 4GLTE Smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network is launching on March 17th! Yes!

So who is Imran Shahid? Apparently, he works at HTC as a regional sales manager. Now I’m pretty sure that we all can figure out why this has been pulled already. However, we should also know that this means HTC and Verizon may already have a date in mind for the release. Hopefully, this works out for all of us.

Additionally, an email has surfaced which also points to a March 17th launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt. As always, this date, as it’s pointed out in the document, is subject to change. As if anyone didn’t know that. Check out the image of the email below, as well as the Tweet.



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