PlayStation Move Heroes Story Details Revealed, Planet Snatching Abound

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We have definitely being hearing a lot about PlayStation Move Heroes lately, but we really haven’t been hearing anything you know what I mean. That is until now. The folks over at Sony have been been very coy about revealing details about the game but we did manage to get our hands on some more details for you.


As you might imagine PlayStation Move Heroes is the first time ever that a game will bring together the cast of PlayStation’s most beloved characters from three iconic franchises – Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Sly Cooper. Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly, and Bentley assemble together to compete in a series of intergalactic challenges and events. Players will be able to use the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Move navigation controller to control their every move throughout the game as they smash, hurl, and shoot their way through challenges… and team up against some mysterious new enemies.

Now this isn’t just some smash up em, there’s a real story behind all this. It seems a mysterious alien duo has swept through the galaxy, fiendishly snatching entire chunks from the worlds of Ratchet, Jak and Sly to create a mysterious new planet in the galaxy. After being abducted to this new world, Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper and Bentley are invited by their gracious alien hosts to compete in friendly, yet challenging competition to test their extraordinary skills… but as our heroes discover, all is not as it seems. Our fearless heroes soon find themselves joined together in the ultimate battle to protect the galaxy — and in a fight for their own survival. We have to admit, its not the most creative plot line we have ever heard but each of the game’s individually have always been good so we have no reason to think this one won’t be as well.


Ratchet doesn't play around

Key Features

  • The Ultimate Crossover Gameplay – Compete in a series of competitive challenges and events that will test your skills as you devastate your enemies, destroy targets, collect power-ups, and more.
  • Six Legendary PlayStaion Heroes – Choose to play as Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak,  Daxter or Bentley, each with their own unique personalities, strengths, and weapons.
  • Vibrant Signature Environments – Compete in challenges set in familiar landscapes from each franchise, including Metropolis (Ratchet & Clank), Haven City (Jak & Daxter) and Paris (Sly Cooper), each with their own visual themes and destructive elements.
  • Amped-Up Weapons Arsenal – Play with signature, fan-favorite weapons from each franchise, like Ratchet & Clank’s combustor or Sly Cooper’s cane, to deliver powerful attacks to your enemies. Experience new super power weapons, uniquely customized to each character.
  • Medals for Top Scores – Earn gold, silver, or bronze medals for completing missions and challenges. The more medals you earn, the more missions you unlock.
  • Online Ranking – Online PlayStation Network leaderboards show players how they stack-up against other players on the network.
  • Only On The PlayStation Move – Designed specifically with PlayStation Move mechanics, players can now step into the game and experience these legendary heroes like never before. Take complete control over your hero’s weapon with intuitive motions, making gameplay accessible and fun for casual gamers while still delivering a deep, replay value for core fans.
  • Co-Op Gameplay – PlayStation Move Heroes supports two player co-op gameplay, allowing players to team up with a friend and work their way through each mission.

So does this info “move” you to want to go out and pick it up? Keep in mind this drops March 22nd, the same day that the Tomb Raider Trilogy is supposed to drop as well, plan accordingly.

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