Deadliest Warrior: The Game Review: Deadlier To Underestimate

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I have to be honest and come clean: I had no idea that this game existed before it hit my desk. After watching the Spike TV series of the same name, the concept of Deadliest Warrior just sounded like a bad idea. To force the concept of history, science and theory by throwing two teams of different military groups through the ages together could not blend. Well, I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have fun.


The trick about Deadliest Warrior is that as interesting as the show can be, both it and the game never take themselves completely serious. Your character choices, the grotesque amount of blood, and overall lack of true fighting-style attributes both help and hinder that fact.Fans of Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Mortal Kombat will not find a new game to tackle… and that’s fine. The game’s $9.99 value is purely set on your amusement on the idea of pitting a Pirate against a Spartan.

The game gives you a choice between eight different classes  – Viking, Pirate, Ninja, Apache, Knight, Spartan, Samurai, and Centurion –  two are thrown into the ring and go head-to-head in two different matches. One set is against all eight fighters a la ladder style; where you trying to survive and kill based on your exact weapon layout. Some weapons can deliver a one-hit kill, depending on where you land and what you hit (for example, a sword can cut off an arm, but an arrow through the eye ends a life). The other is a multiplayer fighting-range, where you can square off against players online or on local play.

Truthfully, the lack of substantial gameplay and lack of true fighting dynamic is the real thing that stops this from being a truly enjoyable game. The ability to utilize the many different weapons and skills from the ages to hack, slash, maim and kill your enemies in bouts of blood is oddly satisfying, and purely for the ones that are looking for exactly that. At least those moments in particular do require exact and precisely timed button movements, making sure that you will at least have to stay on your toes for a majority of the game.

deadliestwarrior7Visually or musically, you won’t be turning your head either. The soundtrack and grunts and groans become repetitive, but blissfully most of the major noises are so minor that they will not overly annoy, thereby getting stuck in your head (thank you Chun-Li or Blanka). And while the visuals aren’t exactly bad, you can begin to see where the seams in some of he characters arms and legs are, where they can be cut and sliced off, making them extra’s in a Quentin Tarantino film. The occasional hiccup from the camera and realignment can be disorientating, but nothing that a simple strike to the face with your shield can’t fix.

Through and through, it’s exactly what a XBL or PSN game should be: a simple, easily enjoyable game that appeals to who it needs to appeal to. The replay value is solid, building off an already-established product. With some additional groundwork and some updates to both graphics, playability and taking what other fighting games have made the norm (i.e. combo skills and tier-class rosters) Deadliest Warrior may have found something worth holding onto.

ZoKnowsGaming gices Deadliest Warrior a 7 out of 10

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