Microsoft’s Kinect Lauches Ad Campaign With Sprint, Chevrolet, and T-Mobile

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Now that Sony and PlayStation have launched the Sony Move, all that’s left is Microsoft’s Kinect to level the playing field in the motion sensor universe. While Nintendo has been chugging along, and Sony has just begun the fight, Microsoft has upped the ante on trying to get the word out a little sooner, by opening a campaign with the car company Chevrolet, and mobile telephone companies Sprint and T-Mobile in an act to help spread the word as much as possible.

The ad campaign, which will start the same day as the launch of the Kinect on November 4th, will go on three separate fronts and allow for worldwide branding for both Microsoft and the Kinect. Sprint, who has been longstanding advertisers of Xbox Live, will launch a program for upcoming game Kinect Adventures that will give players the ability to have their pictures show up on Xbox Live, if they are seen playing the game at New York’s Comic-con.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is introducing a Play & Win weekend for Kinect Sports , enabling players to win prizes that can include gold memberships and more. The Play & Win will return off-and-on throughout the year in November and January, and will also have ads placed through the game, in the form of nets, flags and more.

Chevrolet on the other hand, has gone all out. With Kinect Joy Ride, players will be able to test drive the Chevrolet Volt on a concept level in the game while also getting an additional bonus if players pay attention. Watching a nemo video on Xbox Live’s Marketplace, players will unlock and download Chevrolet Cruze, Camaro and Corvette cars to drive in the game.

Overall, Microsoft is working every possible angle, yet considering how abismal the sales have been for the Move, will it be enough?

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