Deal Alert: Free Protection For Your Phone – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

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Whenever we find a good deal, you can bet your money that we’re going to pass it on to you. So to keep that promise alive, we’re letting you know that as of now, you can purchase free full body protection for your smartphone from Stealth Guards.

As it stands now, purchases are $0.00, plus $2.85 for shipping. That’s not a typo or an error! At that price, it’s not a bad idea to give these bad boys a try. Check out the features below:

Ultra clear, ultra thin film.
Military grade scratch-resistant protection.
• Easy to install
• Adds protection to your gadgets and devices without bulky cases
• Non-Permanent backing.
• 30 day money back guarantee
• Lifetime replacement warranty

According to the site, “Stealth Guards are the latest in gadget and device protection. Developed from state-of-the-art film protection technology, Stealth Guards will keep your device in perfect condition without adding the bulk of traditional cases. Stealth Guards are made from a clear, thermoplastic urethane film – the toughest of its class. Our scratch resistant material was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from dust and debris. Stealth Guards feature a “Self Healing” technology that allows most dings and scratches to heal after a 24 hours period. It has the ability to resist the highest level of abrasion, making it the ultimate protection for gadgets and devices.”

As soon as we can get one of these in our hands, we’ll have a review up of what we think about it. BTW, does anyone currently have one on their device? If so, let us know what you think about it? And for those purchasing it, let us know when you order it, and how it performs once you have it on your device!

P.S. Is your device listed? Check out this link – Supported Smartphones/Cellphones. It’s over 63 devices!

Source [Stealth Guards]

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