Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Displays Their Darker Side

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One of the more questionable things that’s come up for the upcoming rhythm game from Activision’s camp, is how exactly the character’s in Guitar Hero: Warrior’s of Rock will go through their “animalistic” transformations, giving you their needed support to get through the games added ‘Quest Mode.’ Thankfully, Activision was thinking of us, and decided to drop several screens our way, explaining both their power ability, their transformation, and their character development.

Taking control of each character, you will be able to develop their own storyline, awakening their inner ‘beast’ and using their abilities to you own advantage during gameplay.Characters like Lars and Casey become more animalistic, while Austin and Axel go a very Humphrey Bogart direction, taking over the personas of the Headless Horsemen and…well, Mummy.

However they may look, the advancement in gameplay isn’t something to snap a string at. Granting the ability to be resurrected in case of failure, or have an extended multiplayer to 6X, instead of the standard 4X, this adds a different level of strategy to the gameplay, especially to the end of the game, when four characters have to team up to finish off the final boss.

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