S.N.A.P. Out Of Facebook

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Facebook, perhaps the social networking King, has had its’ fair share of privacy complaints and concerns. While there are many different counters put in place to combat these threats, there is still a potential for the worst to happen. Now it is safe to say that computers are leaps and bounds ahead of the mobile world in protection software, but that does not mean that the mobile world is defenseless.

What’s that defense we’re talking about? S.N.A.P. – Social Network Analyzer for Privacy! According to the developers’ website, “S.N.A.P. is an iPhone app that helps you become more aware of the privacy of your content on Facebook. It not only grades and details the privacy settings of your profile content, but allows you to search your profile for any keywords that may be compromising so you can easily identify anything that should be deleted.”

Currently, this app is only available in the iTunes store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Are there plans to bring this to the Android Market? We’re not sure, but we’ll shoot an email to the developers and ask the question (my best guess is YES).

So head on over to the S.N.A.P. developers’ website and see all that this wonderful app can do! BTW, we would definitely recommend this app for everyone – especially those with kids. If you are currently using this app, tell us about it.


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