Square Enix Announce Huge GamesCom 2010 Line-Up

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Square Enix has announced its exciting line-up of titles to be on show at GamesCom 2010. This year’s stand features a wide range of recognized franchises such as Final Fantasy, Kane & Lynch and Deus Ex. The stand boasts an enclosed 50 seat cinema for scheduled presentations of Final Fantasy XIV and the first public showing of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. To experience the latest titles from Square Enix first-hand, visit booth B54 in Hall 6 of GamesCom 2010.

GamesCom 2010 Line-Up

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – In this Action RPG the fundamental choice of whether or not to become augmented with cybernetics was never offered to Adam Jensen. Driven by the conviction of never having a choice taken from him again and using his newfound power, his need for answers will unravel the truth behind a conspiracy rooted in the foundation of the world around him as it incites a new revolution. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is due for release in Early 2011. Visit http://www.deusex3.com for more information.

Final Fantasy XIV – In this MMORPG you will take up arms with adventurers from around the globe online and embark on an epic journey within the unforgettable realm of Eorzea – the stage for a revolutionary new MMORPG designed to fit the lifestyles of players everywhere, from casual users to the most hardcore gamers. Final Fantasy XIV will be released for PS3 in Early March 2011. Visit http://www.finalfantasyxiv.com for more information.

Square Enix's Online Final Fantasy Adventure

Front Mission Evolved – In this Third-Person Shooter the tension between two global superpowers – the O.C.U. and the U.C.S. – has coalesced into a cold war. Each watches the other in taut vigilance. Towering far above the Earth’s surface, colossal structures called orbital elevators grant both parties unblinking, planet-wide surveillance. Under these simmering conditions, a new enemy emerges to ignite the flames of war and watch as the world burns. Front Mission Evolved will be released on September 17th 2010. Visit http://www.frontmissionevolved.com for more information.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – In this Action Shooter experience 48 hours of hell with two of gaming’s most notorious criminals. Kane and Lynch face the consequences when a simple job gone wrong sets off a desperate and frantic struggle to escape the entire Shanghai underworld. Ground-breaking art direction, relentless action gameplay and innovative multiplayer redefine the action shooter experience and position this product as the standout shooter of 2010. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be released on August 20th 2010. Visit http://www.kaneandlynch.com for more information.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – In this Action RPG prequel to the popular franchise developed for the PSP, long before Sora was chosen by his Keyblade, the worlds’ safety lay in the hands of the true Keyblade Masters. Three youths – Terra, Ventus and Aqua – have been training long and hard under Master Eraqus to prove that they, too, exhibit the Mark of Mastery. But they will soon find themselves in the middle of a crisis affecting worlds far beyond their own – just as another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, goes mysteriously missing. Three friends, three destinies. Everything will link back to the beginning. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will be released for the PSP on September 10th 2010. Visit http://www.kingdomheartsbbs.com for more information.

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light – This Action Adventure is the first ever co-op downloadable game featuring Lara Croft. The game incorporates the hallmarks of the Tomb Raider franchise including exploration, discovery, platforming and puzzle solving. It allows players to experience Lara Croft from an isometric viewpoint, and combines character progression and fast-paced combat with elements of cooperation and competition. Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light will be available to download this summer. Visit http://www.laracroftandtheguardianoflight.com for more information.

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