Playstation Move Bundles Outlined

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With the date fast approaching (and the holidays) for Sony’s dream device, the PlayStation Move, everyone is in talks as to what they are going to need to spend to get it. Will they need to buy the this huge contraption? Does a game come with it? Or maybe you’re one of those people that told the family to get you games, and you would buy the wand yourself. Well, thankfully ZKG is looking out for you, and we’re here to explain a few things, going bundle-by-bundle and each price difference.

Before we break it down into prices and procedures, you need to know that there are three different options for purchase: the Champion Bundle, the Move Bundle, and just the Move Controller.From here it gets a little easier to navigate what you need to get. Starting with the most expensive, if you have someone in mind that is just starting out and needs one of everything, you get them the Champion Bundle. Costing you $399.99, this one comes with:

  • PlayStation 3,
  • One controller,
  • The Eye Camera,
  • One Move controller
  • Sports Champion Game

However, say you were just needing the Eye Camera and the Move controller. Then, that’s when you get the Move Bundle. Setting you back only $99.99, you get:

  • The Eye Camera
  • One Move Controller
  • Sports Champion Game

And of course at this point, if you just wanted the Move controller, you could just pay $49.99 and be done with it. Now, for most of these games having only one Move controller is enough, but with something like Sports Champion an additional controller would make gameplay a little more enjoyable, rather than having to pass the Move back and forth. There is also an additional (but not entirely needed) Navigational Controller that will sync with the Move and work as the controller. This comes separately and will cost you an additional $29.99, but it’s worth it if you plan on play a game like Sorcerer or Heavy Rain.

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