Havok Teams up With “Kung Fu Rider”

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At E3 this year a small little game was shown with a big engine behind it: Havok .Kung Fu Rider is something of an oddity. Taking the reigns of detective Toby or his secretary, you pilot parts of downtown Tokyo on bits of office furniture. The game is controlled via Move, twisting, bending and rolling in a fast-paced race that is somewhat reminiscent of Crazy Taxi.

Yet the game, though is impressive and will be expected soon to come, is only the tip of the iceberg when put up right beside the fact that Havok is powering the whole operation. Havok, which is split up into three different operations, Behavior, Physics, and Animation, will be an integral part of the game. Overall, this means that it brings an unknown potential to an otherwise unknown game. What would be a interesting game with a fun gimmick, can now be a fully immersive experience.

“…We are confident that the use of Havok’s tools and technology will help Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN studio achieve its creative vision in Kung Fu Rider.” Said Asia Sales Director, Arnaud Saint-Martin. Havok, which has been in over 270 games, such as Uncharted 2, Halo: ODST, God of War III, along with several movies like The Matrix and The Watchmen.

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