Skate 3 Gets A Release Date

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Black Box announced today that SKATE™ 3, the latest installment in the award-winning franchise, will be in stores in North America on May 11th, 2010 and worldwide on May 14th, 2010. Redefining the skateboarding experience, SKATE 3 breaks new ground by letting gamers build their ultimate skate team both offline and co-operatively* to take on new challenges or competitive battles against other teams.

In the all-new Skate.School, Coach Frank acts as a mentor and teaches newcomers the ropes by showing them all the ins-and-outs of skateboarding as they hone their skills on the sticks before hitting the streets with their team. Veterans will also feel right at home in Skate.School as they refresh their skills but also learn all the new tricks SKATE 3 has to offer including darkslides and underflips.

For fans with a creative flair, the new Skate.Park editor allows gamers to create their own dream plaza or mega-ramp park from scratch or use the Object Dropper to alter the landscape of Port Carverton to truly change the face of the city.SKATE 3 gives gamers the tools to build and share their own skate parks, videos, and photos with all their friends by uploading them directly from their console or importing custom created graphics & logos from the Skate website*.

SKATE 3 features a deep roster of the world’s greatest skaters including several Thrasher Skater of the Year winners.

  1. Andrew Reynolds
  2. John Cardiel
  3. Benny Fairfax
  4. John Rattray
  5. Braydon Szafranski
  6. Josh Kalis
  7. Chris Cole
  8. Lizard King
  9. Chris Haslam
  10. Lucas Puig
  11. Colin McKay
  12. Mark Appleyard
  13. Dan Drehobl
  14. Mike Carroll
  15. Danny Way
  16. P.J. Ladd
  17. Darren Navarrette
  18. Pat Duffy
  19. Dennis Busenitz
  20. Ray Barbee
  21. Eric Koston
  22. Rob Dyrdek
  23. Jason Dill
  24. Ryan Gallant
  25. Jason Lee (as Coach Frank)
  26. Ryan Smith
  27. Jerry Hsu
  28. Terry Kennedy
  29. Joey Brezinski

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