Prison Break: The Conspiracy Fact Sheet, Box Art, and Trailer

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Tom Paxton, a top-drawer Company agent, is sent into Fox River State Penitentiary to figure out why Michael Scofield, an engineer with no previous criminal record, has suddenly robbed a bank and is heading for incarceration at the same prison where his brother, Lincoln Burrows, is set to be executed. The Company’s number one priority is to make sure Lincoln Burrows dies without leaving any hint of the government conspiracy that landed him in jail. With a gripping storyline paralleling Season 1 of the critically-acclaimed FOX TV series, Prison Break: the Conspiracy will take you inside the Prison Break world like never before.

You know ZoKnowsGaming always goes the extra mile to give you more info than anybody else and this time is no exception. We went snooping for additional info on Prison Break: The Conspiracy and here is what we know.

  • While you are there to do a job, things change and it quickly becomes a matter of just keeping yourself alive.
  • In prison everything has a price and in order to pay what’s required you will be able to earn money by participating in what some would call underground fights. All you need to do is talk to a man named King. Fights are done from a third person perspective and you will have to use a combination of hard and fast attacks to take down your enemies. Who ever said you shouldn’t kick your enemies when they are down never went to prison, you can and you should lol. Depending on the type of fight you are in, i.e. whether its for money will determine whether or not you can recover if you are knocked out.
  • If you keep losing fights, then make sure you go hit the weights and the heavy bag to your strength up, remember you only get the big money for the beating the toughest of the tough and that ain’t easy. The more you work out, the more attacks will become available for you to use.
  • The game appears to be less of an action packed title than you would think with a large focus on stealth and that’s a big undertaking because as we have talked about on ZKG before there are very few good stealth games out there.
  • The game will feature several locations where you will need to use your lockpicking skills, but be aware that a door isn’t always the only exit.
  • While the game doesn’t feature online multiplayer, it does feature a local versus mode which will allow you and a friend to duke it out whenever you want.

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