Lost Planet 2 Gets New Pre-Order Bonuses At GameStop

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For people in North America who pre-order Capcom’s incoming third person shooter, Lost Planet 2, from GameStop there will be a few extra surprises thrown in with your copy of the game as the original pre-order bonuses that were offered, the playable skin of Resident Evil 5’s Albert Wesker and the powerful Magnum Revolver weapon have been made available to everyone who buys the game.


Lost Planet 2 has a huge emphasis on multiplayer (even in the campaign mode)

Due to the overwhelming demand for the inital two preorder items, Capcom decided something new had to be offered to the people who had pre-ordered at GameStop and something has materialized in the form of two new downloadable maps where players can engage in battle during the 16-player multiplayer versus modes.

Lost Planet 2 is due out on May 18th in North America

The two maps in question are called ‘Helix’ and ‘Back to the Island’ and an official description of each can be found below:

Helix – The underwater NEVEC mining facility houses several layers and twisted corridors. Swim between the layers, or dive to the bottom to change your point of attack. Aqua Catapults can launch you to the upper levels in a hurry, and you must learn every corner and get the upper hand on your enemies.

Back to the Island – The shady atoll of Island 902 is broken into wide open spaces and compact interiors. Choose your battlefield from the beaches to the battered carrier, or explore a new dimension in the underwater battle. Control the bridge to dominate the map, but beware attacks from all sides.


The two new maps will hopefully stay GameStop exclusives unlike the previous pre-order bonuses

Some more multiplayer news from Capcom with regards to split-screen multiplayer with the announcement that the same development team that brought localized splitscreen gameplay to Resident Evil 5 has confirmed that they will be doing it again. For all news about Lost Planet 2 keep checking ZoKnowsGaming for all the latest information.

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