Way Of The Samurai 3 Fact Sheet Released

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The consequences of your actions will determine your fate. Choose to fight alongside good or evil during the tumultuous time of the Sengoku era and carve your name into history. Become a hero or become infamous, the choice is yours.


Take the role of a samurai and choose your own path, blazing a trail of honour, loyalty and respect or one of villainy, corruption and greed.  Step into the story and play as good or evil. Way of the Samurai 3 is the canonical sequel of the Way of the Samurai series, a series famous for its high level of freedom and giving players free rein over their own play style.

In addition to the various systems that made the previous titles so popular, Way of the Samurai 3 offers several new systems, including a “Sudden Battle System” that allows players to draw swords, even during in-game events, an “Original Blade Creation System” that allows players to combine parts to create an original sword, and a “Companion System” that allows players to select the woman of their choice to live with.


  • The butterfly effect – with over 15 different endings, every action you take will cause a change of events to occur, allowing for multiple outcomes and replayability.
  • Weapon customisation – craft your own unique weapons from over 200 different parts and materials, creating the ultimate weapon that suits your taste and fighting style.
  • Reward system and samurai rating – performing different feats will reward a player with Samurai Points and a title, which in turn will unlock new features and characters within the game.
  • The pen can be mightier than the sword – fight your opposition with force or take the diplomatic route, using subtle gestures like the unsheathing of your sword
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