NBA 2K10 First Patch Details, Lots Of Fixes

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According to Simballer, one of the 2K Forum admins, there are a ton of fixes in the upcoming patch for NBA 2K10, I know they address a few of them that I had. They haven’t given an exact date yet, but it seems like we could be looking at a mid-November release. So check out all the details on everything that will be addressed with this patch.



– Improved game performance in all arenas and camera angles.

– Corrected a framerate issue that was causing noticeable slowdown in the paint in specific arenas.

– Corrected a framerate issue that was causing noticeable slowdown during NBA D-League games.

– Fixed an issue where Coach Settings were not properly saving to the user’s Settings file.

– Addressed an issue where the user would enter into a game where there would either be no crowd present or the opposing team would not appear on the court.

– Fixed an issue where users would get NBA Blacktop rules (no intentional fouls, no 3-in-the-key, etc.) turned on when attempting to play a Quick Game.

– In-game saves should now load up correctly in the Playoffs game mode.

– Users are now able to assign any jersey number to a player, on any team, when playing outside of The Association game mode.

– Games played in the NBA D-League should now have appropriate sized crowds.

– Fixed a slowdown issue during stoppages of play with created teams.

– Made a change to where the value for headband colors is stored at. These changes can now be made through Living Roster releases once the patch is released. If you see any discrepancies, make sure and let the 2K Insider know!


– Tuned shooting percentages across the board, particularly in the paint where more shots are now initiated with contact.

– Fixed a soft hang on an inbound where the inbounding player would miss the ball handoff from the referee.

– Plays will no longer break when the user strays slightly from the intended path.

– Both User/CPU alley-oop success has been toned down such that only realistic attempts should now be completed.

– Assists should now only be credited to the passer at appropriate times.

– Only 1 timeout is deducted from the total when the CPU calls a timeout for the user.

– The CPU should no longer pass the ball to a teammate when the recipient has a foot out of bounds.

– Bad passes should be less inaccurate now. They still happen with similar frequency, but some passes can be recovered now.

– CPU players now have better logic behind their turbo energy management (which will keep them fresher for key moments in the game).

– CPU players should now be more aware of being called for 3 second violations.

– Defensive assist is now turned off when the ball is not in play.

– The dribbler should no longer teleport back a few feet on the court following a two player steal attempt.

– Players with unique free throw stances (ex., Paul Pierce) will no longer slide into position to shoot the free throw.

– Point Guards should no longer end up out of bounds during baseline inbounds coming out of a timeout or dead ball.

– Fixed a case where the PG would run in a circle (in anticipation of receiving the ball) in the backcourt during transitions.

– Players should no longer get stuck in the post in a single player hold-ball animation (often leading to a 24-second violation) when trying to drive to the basket.

– Fixed an issue where the user was unable to give certain players their player-specific animation packages.

– Fixed an issue with a baseline layup where opposing defenders weren’t able to create contact when the animation played out.

– Addressed a specific dunk animation that would sometimes not result in a made basket despite a successful dunk.

– The user should now notice more over-the-back calls on rebounds when the boxed out player attempts a rebound.

– Improvements to the ‘walk the dog’ inbounds play including increased velocity on the inbound.

– A good number of other changes aimed towards increasing user satisfaction have also been made in this release. These will be apparent as you play the game (ex. The referee will now utilize a bounce pass rather than a chest pass when passing the ball to the shooter during free throw situations, plays will now start quicker when the user manually calls a play, etc.).

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