You Got Some Sega In My Sony??

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So this stumbled a bit out of left field, however the implications could be revolutionary if not far reaching when it was revealed that not only have documents detailing the PlayStation 3 motion controls been leaked, but also the possibility of the PlayStation Network receiving a significant new feature. In regards to the motion controls, the documentation was relatively simple. Stating that the motion controls will be available in Japan come March 2010, Sony is looking to sell, “4-5MM units WW” and while the expectation isn’t out of reach, it still is a high goal.


Sonic on the PS3?

More importantly, Objectif-Sega a French video game website has discovered the document which points to Sony looking to bring all PlayStation 2 titles to the PSN. Very much like the “PSone classics” that have been slowly coming out for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network, the concept would operationally work in the same way. Users would be able to download content and with the assistance of PS2 emulation be able to enjoy the classic titles of the previous generation. Possibly more incredible is the additional prospect of Dreamcast content coming to the PSN store through an agreement with Sega that would grant Sony exclusive rights to the content.

This raises several interesting questions about Sony and their future plans with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network. For example, is this why Sony removed the backwards compatibility from the latest and future iterations of the PS3? Was the intention for Sony to resell us all the classics that we have come to know and love via digital download the whole time?

Thanks to Neogaf, we have the alleged official document:

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