Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Multiplayer Video Comes Out To Play

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Following the recent reveal of Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising™’s four player co-op mode, Codemasters® has released a preview video of the intense shooter’s head-to-head multiplayer content. So I will admit that even I had started to become a little enamored with all of the gameplay vid being released for this game, but it is a new IP that I think is probably the most direct competitor to Infinity Ward’s Call Of Duty franchise and therefore you have to create some market awareness. No doubt that the game looks good, but the real proof will be in how does it play and if it plays well the guys at IW may genuinely have somebody to worry about for once.


Let's Go Get Em

In Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising’s competitive multiplayer modes, players will be able to take on the role of either USMC or Chinese PLA troops in intense battles that will test their tactics and combat skills to the full. Whether it’s all-out war or special forces infiltration missions, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising provides a challenging and unique multiplayer experience for online warfare fans.

The explosive gameplay video† demonstrates the breadth of tactical choice, formidable weaponry and enthralling adversarial combat set to feature in the much-anticipated multiplayer sandbox shooter. With access to the full equipment and vehicle set plus AI fireteams, players will fight in pitched team-based battles surrounded by the devastating impact of contemporary weapon systems.


They Will Never See You Coming

Combatants are shown using surveillance to recon targets, infiltrating buildings, engaging in close and ranged fire-fights and deploying vehicles including the AH6 and MI-17 ground attack helicopters and the M1A2 battle tank. The trailer brings to life Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising’s uniquely tense multiplayer experience, as the 220km² island of Skira becomes an authentic and spectacular online war zone where players can attack or be attacked from any direction.

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