Can Sony Afford To End The GOW Franchise?

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Looking back, I noticed something interesting about God of War III, and if true, it could be the end of the God of War saga as we know it. Perusing the fact sheet, I noticed this, “Developed exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system, God of War® III is the final installment of the multi-million unit-selling trilogy.” Thus, this raises some very interesting questions as to whether or not Sony is comfortable allowing such an exceptional franchise to come to an end. However, should they wish to produce more, it can always be worked around to the benefit of Sony, allowing further developments to the series and extrapolation of the franchise as a whole. After all, God of War as a series is not confined just to a console as it has branched out both to the PlayStation Portable as well as mobile cell phone platforms, both of which continue to generate revenue and acclaim. This continues to generate interest in the franchise while additionally providing longevity and replayability to the saga as a whole. Ultimately, if it boils down to this really being the last time we as a community will be afforded the opportunity to play as Kratos and experience the slaughter that goes hand in hand with his persona.


Could this be the end?

The original God of War received a significant amount of press both good and bad; however, few could argue how significant it would become to both Sony as well as the gaming community. From the moment the game starts, it is clearly visible that there is going to be an immeasurable amount of violence. This drew a lot of criticism for the quantity of ultra-violence as well as the sexual themes that were also present. But, what few people failed to realize is that the themes entrenched in the title were there because that’s really how Greek mythology was. In essence, the sex, violence and war between the Gods had forever been running subject matter in the lore and the illustration was pretty close. Taking into account lenience for the sake of artistry, referencing Bulfinch’s Mythology will provide some insight for any who are interested as why the mythology could be interpreted in such a way. Nevertheless, God of War became a paramount title for the Playstation 2 and its sequels, in just about every incarnation, have garnered acclaim from the gaming community.

So I can only wonder why Sony would tread on the possibility with closing up the series with God of War III thereby cutting off any further installments in the series. God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War II and God of War: Betrayal all being momentous video games have sold a great deal. Accordingly, God of War III is on the horizon and I can understand why Sony would want to end the saga of Kratos. The series may begin to feel like it is wearing out its welcome and Sony doesn’t want to risk letting a franchise like GoW become stagnant. I can hypothesize that Sony may very well be aiming at ending the involvement of Kratos in the series so they can move towards a new character, keeping the IP fresh. On the other hand, Raiden being introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2 proved that many people are not immediately receptive to having a beloved character being suddenly replaced with a rookie character. Not to say that if a God of War IV or a spin-off title was released it wouldn’t sell as the franchise has brand name recognition. When many people think of rated M titles that have achieved such an incredible amount of popularity, God of War is usually at the forefront.


Kratos is one tough act to follow.

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