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That’s right folks today we got some hands-on time with NBA 2K10 and it was as good as we thought it would be. Before we jump into what we thought about our time with the game we want to give a big shout out to @broundy, one of the coolest PR people you will ever meet.


This is what I looked like as I went to the hole as Kobe for a vicious finish.

Of course the game looks gorgeous, you can really tell the amount of work that went into the details this year and that is definitely a good thing. The player models are sick, they not only capture their real life counterparts but all the physics stuff is there as well. We didn’t get a chance to see it in action but we talked about NBA Today. NBA Today is the integration of all the real life NBA information including news, matchups and stats directly into your gameplay. Of course this won’t work for Association(meaning that in your Association NBA Today will relay stats as relates to your Association, not the real world stuff since it wouldn’t make since), but in Exhibition and Online play the commentary will be relevant to what’s really happening in the NBA. So for example if Shaq goes for 40 the night before and you play a game with the Cavs the next day the commentary might mention that or if you are the Grizzlies and they are on a 6 game losing streak they might talk about that as well. The whole focus behind NBA Today is to give players as much relevant information as possible in the normal context of the game, so when your online and the player’s stat’s for the season flash up on the screen it won’t be last year’s numbers, it will be up-to-date statical information made by possible by a partnership between 2K and  Stats Inc.  As long as you have an internet connection, your commentary and overlays should never be stale. This also feeds into the emphasis on TV style presentation and you will see that in everything from some new camera angles to the fact that if you play on a holiday the game acknowledges it through some kind of custom presentation appropriate for the holiday so you might see turkeys on Thanksgiving or jingle bells at Christmas.

We talked a little bit about “My Player” mode and if you haven’t checked out NBA 2K10 Draft Combine you need to. My Player mode allows you to create your own NBA player and guide his every career move. If you don’t create your guy in NBA 2K10 Draft Combine you will start out as an undrafted rookie in the Summer Circuit and if you put in enough work you “might” get an invite to show what you got at an NBA team’s training camp or you just might end up in the D-League. If you work hard an actually make an NBA roster and then show that you actually belong there then the sky’s the limit, but nobody ever said the road to the big time would be easy and trust it won’t be. Another cool thing we learned was that when the game starts it has picture of Kobe as the background graphic but once you import your player from NBA 2K10 Draft Combine or create your player in “My Player” mode, that graphic changes to a graphic of your player not Kobe because hey its all about you, right?


The Post Game Is Much Improved This Year

Living Rosters is back and better than ever making sure that all the player information, roster and lineup moves, trades, injuries, and player ratings stay as up to date as ever. A big change this year is that now online gameplay is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of gameplay.  There is no longer a separate screen for you to go online, from any game mode you can jump online and challenge your friends, you can even allow folks to jump into your franchise for a game and play you. Signature Play is back and this year more than ever before the players in the game will act like there real world counter parts, whether its Lebron and his chalk cloud before games or Kevin Garnett using the pole holding up the rim as his own personal punching bag, its all there.

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