Final Fantasy XIV Online To Include Cross-Platform Interactivity And More

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Square Enix’s Global Online Producer Sage Sundi recently confirmed to OneLastContinue that Final Fantasy XIV Online will support cross-platform interactivity for players. This means that both Playstation 3 and PC users will be able to interact with each other across the different platforms. Mr. Sundi explained that cross-platform interactivity often causes problems with online identities, so the team is looking into implementing a name/surname system into the game to allow players with the same identity to have a dual name. This would hopefully put a stop to arguments about identity theft.

Square Enix's Online Final Fantasy Adventure

Square Enix’s Online Final Fantasy Adventure

Sage also went on to say that the Playstation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV will have full keyboard and mouse support. This will make Final Fantasy XIV the second full-scale Playstation 3 game to implement such a feature.

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