Fight Night Round 4 DLC To Bring Button Controls, But It Did Not Need Them

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EA recently announced its initial Downloadable Content (DLC) plan for Fight Night Round 4. Recently named the Game Critic Awards “Best Sports Game of E3 2009”, Fight Night Round 4 has been winning over reviewers since its release on June 23rd. (Keep that last sentence in mind).


Fight Night Round 4 is getting some DLC.

The first DLC pack, which will be available for free to both Xbox 360® and Playstation®3 users by early August, will include a new training gym, new gameplay sliders, as well as a host of new equipment that can be used for outfitting boxers.  EA SPORTS™ will also be releasing a free downloadable game update by early September that will allow gamers to use face buttons on the Xbox 360 and PS3 game controllers to throw punches, hooks, uppercuts and haymakers.

“The depth and variety of new content we have planned this summer is going to make one of the most critically acclaimed games on the market even better,” said senior producer, Dean Richards. “Among the new content in development, our new button control scheme will give fans a choice for how they want to throw punches in the game. We strongly believe that the refined Total Punch Control is the most intuitive way to throw punches in Fight Night Round 4, but we also want fans of the franchise to have an option.”

That last paragraph you just read represents a major cop out by EA Sports to me. They are spinning this as a way to give gamers options but they seem to just be caving to pressure. I like the guys at EA sports but they made a design decision and they should have stuck to it. I could see if the game was getting bad reviews or a major criticism of the game was the ineffectiveness of the control scheme but that simply wasn’t the case. The game was excellent the way that it was, they finally pretty much perfected the analog control scheme and what do they do they subvert it. I understand that a lot of gamers like the button controls but as we said in our review you can not get the kind of precision with the buttons that you can with the analog sticks and the fact is you don’t miss them. By putting the button controls in via DLC I think will set the franchise back rather than take it forward.


Tyson don’t need no button controls and Fight Night Round 4 didn’t either.

If its the better control scheme, the you have to stick to your guns and eventually the fans will come around. The reviews are in your favor and the game price won’t drop that quickly so as it was Fight Night Round 4 was probably on its way to being the most successful in the franchise history anyway but now they will never know if the could have on its own. Oh well its a heck of a game and if button controls are what it takes for you to go buy this game the so be it now go get it!!

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