NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition Announced

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So yesterday 2K Sports set it off a little bit when they revealed the first screen shot for NBA 2K10, a shot of Shaq in his brand new Cavs Jersey. You can check that shot out below. Then they said be on the lookout for some more news today and now we think we know what that is.


Shaq looks good in a Cavs uniform and check out Lebron get his pregame on.

The new thing appears to be NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition. The NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition will be exclusively for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition will include:

  • Exclusive McFarlane Kobe Bryant figurine
  • Exclusive 2K Sports Kobe Bryant poster designed by Shephard Fairey’s Studio No. 1
  • NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary video exploring the history of the NBA 2K franchise
  • Access to the Gold Room, NBA 2K10’s VIP online lobby

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There you have it folks, that’s how its going down. Man it doesn’t seem like NBA 2K has been around that long but time rolls on we guess. We just wanted to hit you up with that tidbit early this morning. Their isn’t any word yet on what the retail price of the Anniversary Edition will cost though, for all that stuff I wouldn’t think cheap maybe around the $79.99-$89.99 price range (let us say again no retail price has been announced we are just speculating on this part). Check out a shot of what the package will include.


The NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition

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