Heavy Rain Preview: How Far Would You Go To Save Someone You Love?

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That is the overarching question that is posed in Heavy Rain. So by now you have at least heard about the PS3 exclusive “Heavy Rain” and if you haven’t pay attention to this post. Heavy Rain has been in development since 2006 but it is truly on course to change the face of gaming as we know it. In Heavy Rain, the player does not just experience the story they drive it. All your actions and all your choices will ultimately affect the outcome of the game, for better or for worse. The game seeks to turn standard gaming conventions upside down by focusing on your decisions and interactions with other characters and your environment rather than high-scores, combat and competition. Now a lot of gamers will be like well where is the fun in that, well, just keep reading and you will find out that Heavy Rain may just turn out to be the most intense and emotionally draining gaming experience you have ever had. Something we want to make very clear up front is that Heavy Rain is targeted at adults with complex storylines and very mature themes.


A Thriller The Likes Of Which The Gaming World Has Never Seen

As I said before in Heavy Rain you don’t watch the story – you play it. The dynamic narrative unfolds through your actions – not cut scenes – and every action has a consequence. The choices you make and the way you interact with other characters have repercussions throughout the storyline. With unprecedented responsibility over the fates of the game’s characters, players will find Heavy Rain an emotional experience unlike any other. It dares to tackle subject matter and themes rarely touched upon in video games, making it a genuinely mature game for a new world of adult gamers.

Heavy Rain completely embraces the idea of “interactive storytelling,” the game is built around an emotive and compelling proposition: ‘How far would you go to save someone you love?’ The game’s story changes based on your actions, and each player will be faced with a variety of choices and consequences that will take them on an emotional rollercoaster. Players will discover throughout the game, the smallest actions can have dramatic consequences, as every act and decision will have a tangible impact on the fate of the characters.  Intuitive gameplay and controls are also fundamental to the experience – ensuring that the game is mature but accessible, and avoiding alienating players with obscure stats and complex interfaces.


What will you do here, every choice matters.

Before we get you into the features and then a little game footage we just want to do a little wrap up. In Heavy Rain, you will play from the perspective of four different characters, each with their own agendas, vices, and problems. Everything you do, no matter how small could possibly have deadly consequences for one of them. Never before in a game that we can remember has a game challenged players to make such tough decisions and then be forced to truly live with the consequences. Because Heavy Rain is driven by the player’s actions, no two peoples games will be alike.  We have tried to figure out a category in which to place Heavy Rain, but it seems poised to create a brand new genre all its own.  With a plot worthy of any Hollywood thriller, Heavy Rain is definitely on our short list of upcoming titles that we are truly excited about. There is a killer on the loose, people will die and you will have to do things you never thought you would, so remember to bring your umbrella because there is a Heavy Rain coming.


Emotional Experience – Player decisions are rooted in emotion, decision-making, and overall story. The game’s technology and realism help to engage emotional attachment as players progress through the game.

Bending Storylines – ‘Bending Storylines’ heighten the immersion and tension, raising the stakes of players’ choices and actions and delivering a more engaging and immersive experience.

Film Quality Narrative – Heavy Rain brings a high-quality story filled with tension, emotion, intrigue, and dramatic twists.


This is that context based sensitive system in action.

Accessibility – Heavy Rain combines sophisticated themes/tone/content with intuitive gameplay that caters to casual as well as hardcore gaming fans.

Hollywood production values – From the length of the script, to the musical score, to the number of hours of motion capture, Heavy Rain is a vast and ambitious project that delivers a true film noir feel as well as production values that rival a cinematic experience.

An auteur of videogaming – Writer, director, and studio head David Cage is the vision behind Heavy Rain – pushing at the boundaries of video gaming with a new approach that places narrative and emotion at the forefront.

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