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In Overlord II, the new Overlord and a more powerful Minion horde take on the Glorious Empire, an advanced Romanesque nation, in a truly epic yet familiarly warped adventure. Ever since the events at the end of Overlord: Raising Hell, the Overlord has been absent from the world and, without his firm grip on the kingdom, the lands have being conquered by the Glorious Empire. On the surface, the Glorious Empire is a civilization driven by righteous politicians and supported with a mighty military force. However, in practice the Empire is decadent, corrupt, and dangerous. And if there’s one thing the Glorious Empire hates, it’s magic and magical beings.


Now go my minions!!

As the game opens, the Empire’s Inquisition is on the hunt for anyone who has magical resonance. In the Arctic wastelands, where Yetis roams, lies the snowy town of Nordberg. Here a young lad is singled out by the Inquisition and accused of possessing a magical force (what with him having strange glowing eyes and everything). However, as he is led off, the Empire guards come under attack from a band of strange little leathery, big-eared, yellow-eyed beasts: it’s the Minions! With a rousing cry of “Master” the devilishly charming critters carry the boy off – they’ve found their new Overlord.

After some years of intensive Minion training, players will step into the now-adult sized boots of the Overlord. Initially it’s a rag-tag band of Minions under his command but off they go, looting, destroying, and laying waste to the lands around Nordberg, scoring victories where they can, before setting sights on the lands at the very heart of the Empire.


Have they made enough changes for it to actually be worth playing?

As the Overlord’s powers grow, the secrets of the Empire, and those of his own origins, will be revealed and then it’s time to go Minion maximus on the Empire’s collective a$%. Players will be able to choose how to wield the Overlord’s evil forces. Do they plunder and pillage across the lands, burn cities on a whim in wild acts of destruction? Or do they follow a path of domination, enslaving towns and exerting their will upon the people? Only true despots will be able to make the ultimate choice between being a ‘destructive’ or a ‘dominating’ dark lord.

Overlord II empowers players to enact their evil will in either a dominating or destructive way,” explains Lennart Sas, Creative Director, Triumph Studios. “Play as a ‘dominating’ Overlord and villages and people will fall under your command with rewards and benefits coming over time as you have them do your bidding. Follow a ‘destructive’ route and you’ll become a demonic Lord of chaos, obliterating anything that stands in your way. For example, if you need to take a boat from one area to the next, are you evil enough to trigger global warming, melt the ice caps, so that you create your own private sea to sail across? Well, are you? It’ll be fun finding out.”

Now after reading that rather scintillating piece of journalism you are probably kind of excited about Overlord II, but we have got to tell you to hold your horses. The last Overlord title played well when it was released as a demo, but when we got our hands on it here at ZKG HQ, we were severely disappointed. The game has an intriguing concept and directing those minions is pretty darn fun but once you get pass that the original didn’t have much in the way of substance or anything that would even mildly make you want to finish it. Hopefully, the folks at Codemasters have learned a lot from the feedback they received after the last game. If they didn’t, we can’t see how this game will be any better, but for now we will give them the benefit of the doubt. Overlord II hits stores June 26, 2009.

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