Modern Warfare 2, More Game Details Revealed

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So the newest issue of GameInformer  magazine arrived at ZKG HQ yesterday and it had a whole lot more details on what gamers can expect in the new installment of Modern Warfare. In this article we will tell you about those details and then analyze the ramifications of those details.


Modern Warfare 2 in stores November, 10, 2009.

So by now you probably already know that MW2 will feature scuba diving and brand new vehicular missions so I won’t go too much into that. First off the game will take place in a variety of locations, from the frigid mountaintops of Russia to the vibrant yet dangerous favela’s of Rio de Janiero and all the maps are bigger and better than ever.¬† Modern Warfare 2 expands upon the events of the original with the world still threatened by extreme political instability in Russia. Most gamers will remember the dramatic ending to Modern Warfare 1 where you grab the gun and take out the crazy radical mastermind, Zakhaev, who was the driving force behind the dramatic events that unfolded before you in the first game. But alas, no good deed goes unpunished?

Instead of stemming the tide and turning things around there, all you really did was martyr Zakhaev and open the door to what some would say is his even more radical successor Makarov. While Makarov sometimes displays murderous and sociopathic tendencies he is highly intelligent and cunning and he has political ambitions of the highest nature. We do not yet know what his plans are but we do know that it is a big enough threat to call in the elite group of characters known as Task Force 141. It is at this point that Infinity Ward challenges us again as they tell the narrative from the perspective that real world intelligence is ever changing and sometimes inaccurate and that is just something your going to have to deal with this time around, so know all knowing voice that gives you a set of objectives and a sit rep that is always exactly as they tell it to you. This time around players will be challenged to use their own intellect and make command decisions based on what’s happening on the ground, just as our boys and girls overseas do everyday.

Expanding on what I said earlier about the levels being bigger and better, apparently Infinity Ward is using some new streaming technology to allow them to do things that would have never been possible in earlier games. Whether you are enthralled in urban warfare in the shantytown’s of Brazil or trekking through the Afghan desert,¬† the sheer size of scope is sure to amaze us. In the article, Infinity Ward also addressed two major beefs players had with the original, even though it was a classic. The two major beefs were the length of the single player campaign and those infinitely spawning enemies that only ceased once you had passed some predetermined point. In addressing the latter, Infinity Ward says that they are doing a lot of work to try to fix the infinite spawn problem and they agree its just not good. On the issue that I must admit was one of my beefs also, the length of the single player campaign well.. let’s just say that Infinity is NOT budging on this one. Now before you go off the deep end and what not you have got to understand their logic which when you hear it, you can’t be mad at it. Infinity Ward’s president and CCO Jason West basically says that they want to create a compelling story and let that story drive the length of the game. He says that don’t want to drag it out just for the sake of dragging it out and while a lot of gamers will shrug, I have to respect where the man is coming from. I mean to go against that would more than likely dilute the quality of the product and then gamers would really have a fit, so there are always tradeoffs I guess.


On Newstands Now, Go Get It!!

So one of Call of Duty’s biggest strengths has always been its multiplayer. So one thing Infinity Ward is known for is throwing lots of things at the wall and seeing what sticks. They did this year and something very special came out of it, Special Forces Mode. The things found in SFM are things that they thought were really cool but didn’t fit into the actual story, so instead of just dropping them they give them to you here. It allows them to let gamers play out really cool moments that really don’t fit the overall story, but are just darn fun to play. Apparently, SFM will have a heavy focus on co-op, with some missions being so hard in fact that the developers say there is no real way besides co-op to beat them. There is not yet any word on how many Special Forces missions their will be or if will be able to be played online with friends, but West did say in the article it would be a major component.

Let’s see, a few other tidbits. Modern Warfare 2 will feature a revamped community site, where gamers are supposed to be able to communicate and share like never before. In fact, West makes the statement in the article that ” One of my favorite things about multiplayer is making people famous”. Now that can mean a lot of things but he goes on to say that when people do noteworthy things online, everyone will know about in a way that he says is easy to remember. So if you are a serious gamer and you want people to know it, you better be locked and loaded. Well that’ pretty much all we really wanted to pull out for you folks that didn’t see the article, so I guess the only thing left to see is who is prepared to answer the “Call” once again when Modern Warfare 2 hits stores November 10. If you are as ready as we are to answer the call, give me a “Hoorah”


Box art is NOT final, if I know Infinity Ward it will change

We want to give a special shout out to the folks at GameInformer for doing an excellent piece and we want to encourage you to go the newstands and pick up latest edition of GameInformer where you can read all about it for yourself and take our word for it, it is worth it.

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