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So every year Madden comes up with some new innovations and sometimes some not so new ones but we can always hope. Well all of us at ZKG decided that we are going to keep up with all the new additions as best we can and post them right here. So make sure you keep checking back to find out about any new updates.


Choose your angles wisely this year.

With each iteration Madden has a theme that or more accurately a component of the game that they really try to capture. This year is no exception as ” Fight for Every Yard” is the mantra this year. This year the folks at EA wanted to try to and focus on the physicality that makes American football different than any other.  With the all-new Pro-Tak™ animation technology, players have more control over the outcome of each play. Whether driving a receiver towards the first down, or battling for a fumble at the bottom of a pile, the play won’t end until the whistle blows. Add to that the most immersive broadcast presentation and online innovation to date, and Madden NFL 10 captures the authenticity and emotion of the NFL like never before. We all know that Madden always aims high, and sometimes it hits and other times it misses. No doubt that some players will figure out ways to exploit these new features, but hopefully EA will be active as far as monitoring and putting out updates to correct glitches more quickly than last year. This is just what we know so far, so bookmark this page and keep coming back to find out the latest news as its released. Not only that if you find out a piece of info that is not here, just drop us a comment and a link to a reputable source and we will post it right here, so we NEED your help to have the most comprehensive Madden 10 info.


Pro –Tak™ – This all new animation technology provides unprecedented control over the outcome of every play. Drag defenders towards the first down marker, including up to 9-man gang tackles, fight for a fumble at the bottom of the pile, and evade the rush with all-new quarterback avoidance actions. Enhanced play at the line of scrimmage features a new blocking system that allows the quarterback to step into the pocket and gives the defensive line more control over the rush.


Fight For Every Yard

Unprecedented Authenticity – Referees peeling players off a fumble pile, the chain gang rushing in to measure for a key first down, and all-new player equipment ensure that if you see it on Sunday, you’ll see it in Madden NFL 10.

  • EA announces the full Rookie Ratings file. Check it out here.

Fight for Online Dominance – Delivering the most comprehensive online offerings in franchise history, Madden NFL 10 includes new modes to satisfy the competitive and cooperative football gamer.

  • For the first time in franchise history, EA SPORTS introduces Online Co-op play in Madden NFL 10. The latest Madden NFL 10 Video Documentary series is now available, which includes details and perspectives on the latest innovation for award-winning football video game franchise – direct from the development team.Team up with a friend online to work on game strategy, practice plays, and see the field from a unique point-of-view, thanks to position-specific camera angles. Change player positions after each play to experience the NFL from a completely different dynamic. Want to find out what it’s like to play as a wide receiver on one play, and the left offensive tackle on another? With Madden NFL 10 Online Co-op, the choice is yours.Online Co-op play has you covered on defense too. Get the true feel of being on the defensive side of the ball, as the camera flips to the defense’s perspective. Become a shutdown cornerback, while your teammate blitzes the QB from his linebacker post.There’s no ‘I’ in team or in Madden NFL 10 Online Co-op. It’s the perfect mode for NFL fans to jump online, join up with a teammate, and experience the Madden NFL franchise in an all-new way.

    Online Co-op is just the beginning, as the Madden NFL 10 team will make another major announcement regarding a new online feature at the EA E3 2009 press conference on Monday, June 1st.

The Emotion of the NFL – New TV broadcast-style presentation and cinematic cameras bring the suspense and intensity of the NFL to your living room.

  • EA announced that the injury system is being completely revamped, check it out here.

Enhanced Franchise Mode – Run each aspect of an NFL franchise: draft players, sign free agents, manage the salary cap – just like a real GM. Enjoy all of the action throughout the league via a new, network inspired highlight show.

More details coming soon!

Madden NFL Your Way – The most customizable version of Madden NFL to date! Alter gameplay options to adjust the experience to your liking. A revamped play calling system and menu takes you to kickoff faster than ever before. Speed up online matches with accelerated clocks, streamlined presentation and more.

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