How To Deactivate A PS3 Without The PS3??

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Note: I want to be clear that I am not a fanboy and anyone who reads my blog often enough knows this. I don’t write to flame topics to get hits because that is not what I am about. I write what I think, I tell the truth about things that happen to ME, I can’t speak for anyone else. I am just a regular guy who wants some honest information sometime and when I couldn’t find any I decided that I would write. So after you read this and before you make a judgment about my character or integrity please read some of my other content whether it be articles or reviews first and then decide. Thank you. -Zo aka thatruth2006

The problem is that YOU can’t. So anyone who knows me and reads this blog knows how big a fan of the PS3 I am but when stuff like this keeps happening it really makes it hard Sony. So a few post back a lot of you will remember that all of the sudden my PS3 just stopped reading Blu-Ray disc. I tried everything I could, searched the net, but alas in the end I had to purchase a new PS3. All was good in the world until today. Today, enjoying the long holiday break I decided to download the entire second season of one of my favorite TV shows. I didn’t anticipate a problem since I had downloaded demos and stuff from Playstation Home on this new console without a problem, but boy was I wrong.

The key is how different Sony treats game content vs. video content. The games they don’t care about so much because they own most of the content but the video is much different and that’s where they could really get in trouble so its understandable that they would handle it different. I purchased the content no problem and instantly got the confirmation email and I am thinking its all good. I go to download the first episode when I get this error that says the system cannot be activated and that one PS3 system is already activated with my PSN ID. It said I needed to deactivate the old system first but of course I no longer own that system and thus the beginning of the saga. Apparently, this is a fail safe Sony put in to stop game sharing and stuff like that (kinda like their own DRM and everyone remembers the mess with the CDs) but in the process screwed regular people like me. I thought I could get this solved quickly but it was not to be.

To be quite honest this is a very flawed model. If there was a problem why would the system let me purchase the content instead of notifying me of the issue beforehand and saving me the hours, and I do mean hours I am spending on customer service lines listening to this lame Christmas music. Now apparently this isn’t high on Sony’s radar yet since it doesn’t seem to have happened to a lot of people, but hey would do I know? All I know is that this is a simple fix, its probably just a field in a database, delete that and I should be good to go. It is not a security issue, because once they delete the old system, I still have to have the PSN credentials to associate a new system with it and if I am not the true owner of the account then I am sure they would know soon enough.

The bottom line on this I guess is that they need to fix this, it shouldn’t happen. Right now I could buy and download and play all the games I want but not videos even though they are using the same account information that doesn’t make sense, the two should be mutually exclusive since the money for the payment is coming from the same place. Let me talk to someone that actually can click a keyboard and look at the information I am telling them for goodness sakes. I am an IT guy and there are easy enough fixes that would prevent this from happening or enable the user to solve this and not waste their support peoples time solving a problem that the user should be able to solve.

Update: After another 1hr 40 min conversation with Sony and after finally getting to speak to a manager they deactivated by old system. In the end, I didn’t have the old receipt, but I had the new one so faxing them that plus my name, PSN ID, sign-in ID, name, phone number, and a service request number they gave me got it got done. I sent the fax about 11 a.m. this morning, they sent a response email saying it was done at 2pm, so quick turnaround. I get home and try to activate my PS3 and wouldn’t you know now it works like a charm, but man this is something I will never forget. To make sure this doesn’t ever happen to you check out my latest post about this.

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