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Let me preface this by saying that while I saw the success of the original Resistance: Fall of Man, I was not the biggest fan of the original title. I played it and just didn’t really get into it. This time around the game was the center of a lot of hype and a major marketing campaign. I must say that I have been very impressed by this latest release. This game is the PS3 exclusive that everyone has been waiting for this year and in my opinion is the best first person shooter (FPS) since Call of Duty 4, though I say this as we are less than a week away from the release of the new Call of Duty 5: World at War.


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In Resistance 2, the Chimera have launched a full scale invasion on both the east and west coasts of the United States.  You are Nathan Hale and you have joined “The Sentinels,” a special task force of soldiers who are also resistant to the Chimeran virus. You will fight the Chimera in various locations such as the swamps of Baton Rouge to Iceland and back again with “The Sentinels” as you fight the Chimeran virus inside you as it seeks to destroy everything that makes you human. On missions, most of the time you will be accompanied by at least one other CPU controlled player which kind of makes you feel like Rainbow Six but with none of the tactical control.

This game is a very smartly designed game and anyone who reads ZKG on a regular basis knows that I love that. The game doesn’t have a major load at the beginning or really at any point which leads me to believe that Insominiac is starting to get a much better grasp on how to leverage the real power of Blu Ray and the PS3 than other developers. The gameplay gets intense and as such you will die a decent amount of times, but the checkpoints which occur without stopping gameplay are very smartly placed and thus you never feel like you are doing a lot of stuff over and in this respect I haven’t seen any game do it better.


Can you save humanity from the Chimera??

The game is a complete joy to play and is exactly what you want in a great FPS. The gameplay is fast and intense, it does a good job of making you feel like there is utter chaos going around you while you are still in full control. You will need that control and discipline to survive as you trot the globe on a mission to save humanity itself from succumbing to the will of the Chimera. This is a game that is definitely not one of those games that you want to look away from the screen for even a minute, because if you do you will probably die. I mean it doesn’t matter whether its a huge chameleon coming out of nowhere literally or these ugly things that basically run at you and explode, you need to pay attention all the time. In Resistance 2, you are now able to carry a primary and secondary weapon. The two weapons comes in handy too, and you can pick up any weapon you come across but it would suit you well to pay attention to kind of enemies you have been encountering to determine which weapons would be the best suit. Sometimes the most important thing is the weapons ability and sometimes you should base it purely on the abundance of ammo.

Resistance 2 features two campaigns, the single player campaign which follows the story of Nathan Hale, and an up to eight player online co-operative (or two player split screen) campaign that has a storyline running parallel to Hale’s campaign. In the co-op campaign, the eight people play as a group of soldiers called Spectre group. There are three classes to choose from: the medic, the soldier and special ops, each with different specialized abilities. The player gets to level up their characters to unlock new guns and character skins. The player can play as any three and won’t lose any progress if they switch class. Both campaigns also include boss battles. The online competitive multiplayer aspect of the game supports up to sixty players online in squad based groups in a mode called “Skirmish.” Within the campaign mode you are able to battle alongside The Sentinels at multiple locations all on American soil.


When you see this guy, umm. run!!

I was very pleased with just about every aspect of Resistance 2 and besides running out of ammo a few times and not being able to find any around and a couple of times the computer A.I. being kind of stupid, the game is very well made in just about ever respect. The environments, framerate, and voice acting is all on point. This game even does a better job at creating a real sense of fear in the player in the sections that it chooses to than some games I have seen in which that was the entire goal of the game, can anyone say Siren: Blood Curse and Condemned 2: Bloodshot ? With all that said Resistance 2 is definitely an exclusive that PS3 owners can be proud of and if you are like a lot of people you have some free time since you can’t connect to SOCOM then pick this up, heck even if you could this is definitely a title that ever real gamer that owns a PS3 should own, I only wish that Insominiac would have released this a month before or a month after COD5 so that it wouldn’t have to compete for gamer’s attention but that’s a marketing thing. For actually being a game that lives up to the hype, has an online mode that is actually fun and works (can you hear me Sony and 2K) which seems to be very hard to do and being better than original I give Resistance 2 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Note: If you get stuck, leave a comment and I will try to help.

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