Devil May Cry 4 (Demo): First Thoughts

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So today as I logged into the PlayStation Store to see if any new games were around, wouldn’t you know it I found a demo for Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4. So anybody who has owned a Playstation before has probably played DMC and kind of knows what to expect. I am proud to say from the looks of the demo Capcom does not disappoint.


Dante… what the heck, can you say uh oh?

So as most of you know in this installment, Dante is NOT the main character well at least not for the first half of the game. No this time around our misunderstood bad ass is Nero, and let’s just say he is no push over. In the demo, you can either play Mission: Exterminator, where you have ten minutes to basically run around and kill as much stuff as you can or you can play Mission: Executioner where you do battle with the huge Ice Beast and then do battle to the death with an even bigger, and I mean huge fire engulfed beast who is no joke. The graphics on this game are gorgeous and I am not just saying that because I was playing it on a 46′ HDTV with a 25,000:1 contrast ratio. The game play was amazingly fluid even with multiple enemies on screen at once. Just beautiful.

Whether your shooting the bejeebies out of an enemy, slashing them to death with your huge sword, or giving them the business with that devil bringer hand the game play is intense and satisfying. I have to admit that I put this on my most anticipated list and was really hoping that it would be as good as I thought that they could make it and from the looks of the demo I will not be disappointed. I gotta say I dig Capcom for dropping the demo for this 1)at all and 2) so far before the actual release date. A lot of times games that have an established fan base and brand or a lot of hype surrounding it tend not to release demos (i.e. Assassin’s Creed).


The Battle Begins!!

The bottom line is that demo’s are great, and the fact that the Sony and the game companies are releasing all this content free to their users says to me that they really get it. Great demos can really drive game sales. I have even seen games that didn’t have demos at first come back with demos months after it was released like Kane & Lynch: Dead Men which by the way is the most popular post on my blog. The game was a really good one, it has a bit of a cult following the kinds of which I don’t think even the developers of the game could have anticipated, so now they just recently released the demo.

Devil May Cry 4 is looking like it is going to be an awesome game and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version when it comes out next month, I already have it on pre-order. And when it does come out make sure to check back here for latest and greatest reviews and tips. Alright folks, its my birthday today so I am going out but I had to get this post up. Be good guys.

Rating: Gotta Buy

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